Detail of marketing communication strategy

Recent years, RSH sports retailer has not up to date on their marketing therefore it would like to gain more market shares from May to December 2012 to sell its products. Our agency has succinctly defines the target and the ‘pain point’ of the RSH sports retailer. Our agency will do to prove the differentiated benefits to the audiences by position it in the right way that able force to consider what RSH sports retailer needs to do to be successful.

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Hence, our agency will use 3Ps marketing communication strategy to reach target audiences and end-user B2B customers. First, our agency will more focus on public relations which are more on giving valuable information to the public because it is often much easier to educate an individual so that the audiences recognize their own wants or needs. In order for the campaign to be successful, our agency will maintain a high level of credibility by reaching out to the public and partnering with Yonex Company as a sponsorship. Besides that, our agency will monitor carefully every single aspect to find out which are drawing attention towards RSH sports retailer and which are not. Our agency will determine if the attention is negative and then take action immediately to enhance the image which is portray to the public.

Next, our agency choose to use network, newspaper and Smartphone application advertising in order to pull the target audiences into retail outlets to enquire about badminton equipments and incentive them to do the purchases. Our agency will create an own campaign website and placed on other website which is facebook that the target audiences is most likely to visit. Our agency also will use Smartphone application to post our ongoing news with the name of London Olympics 2012 Countdown news. Through this way, it is able to provide the campaign’s information effectively with the purpose of inform and remind the target audiences. Besides that, our agency will also choose the Star newspaper to post this campaign to attract more audiences.

Furthermore, our agency will use sale promotion to attract audiences’ attention and offer strong incentive to purchase during this short-lived period. In sale promotion, our agency will organize road show at certain shopping mall where the target audiences are mostly to hang out. In order to support this campaign, our agency will also cooperate with Yonex Company to make 20000 pieces of T-shirts as a gift whoever purchases with the amount of RM300 or above during the Olympics period. Besides that, our agency will also have lucky draw in every week from May to July 2012 which able to win flight ticket to London for two persons. Read about Factors that Hinder Effective Communication

At the same time, our agency will use personal selling to get the trade to carry and push the product to specific target audiences. Our agency will send 50 experienced of salesperson who are well trained professionals in order to build and maintain long –term customer relationships. Our agency will use sales force management to analysis and control of sale force activities. In addition, our agency uses communications to turn low-involvement into high-involvement decisions by encouraging the target audiences to consider their perception of the products.

On the other hand, our agency will use direct marketing to interact directly with the target audiences, by telephone and direct mail. Our agency will design built-to-order systems that able to meet audiences’ individual needs. They can order directly through the system and RSH sport retailer will delivers the products to their place on time. Direct marketing has grown rapidly in B2B marketing, partly in response to the ever-increasing costs of marketing through the sale force. Hence, our agency will use direct mail which is also one of the lower cost-per-contact media to send the information and it is able to push the products directly to the audiences.

In the profile strategy, our agency will profile the RSH sports retailer as a whole to various target stakeholders and audiences who will not purchase the products directly. This will typically include investors, trade unions, professional associations, shareholders, government agencies and regulatory bodies. Hence, our agency will post the annual report of RSH Sports Retailer to the website to who is interested to know about RSH sports retailer.

Our agency will use press releases and announcements to interact with more stakeholders because our agency know and understand that audiences demand transparency and accountability, and instant online access to news, developments, research and networks. Through this way, our agency is able to achieve the promotional goals by increase sales-volume and market share. How the marketing communication elements will work together  In order to form an effective Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy, our agency will associate the five marketing communication elements together to achieve the best result in this campaign. First of all, our agency will use online and radio advertising to add real value to the lives of prospective audiences, while reaching out to audiences and pointing them toward the 4 remaining promotional elements.

Next, our agency will use public relations campaign which is website to constantly point audiences to places that they can access further promotional tools from RSH sports retailer. After build solid relationships with audiences effectively, our agency will through personal selling and direct marketing to focus on target audiences and B2B customers which is face-to-face communication by using varied promotional tools at RSH sports retailer’s disposal to make the audiences’ dreams come true. Lastly, our agency will combine and use all the above-mentioned promotional elements to offer lucky draw to win two flight ticket to London, free T-shirt when purchase with the amount of RM 300 and above and will have special promotions after the month of the Olympics.

Gantt chart

From the below chart, our agency had stated out all the marketing communication activities which will occur in May to December 2012 and our agency had estimated the budget for this campaign. Our agency ensures RSH sports retailer will achieve the greatest efficiency with every dollar which had allocate to promotional activities. In the month of May to June, our agency will focus on all the marketing communication activities cautious in order to increase the awareness of all the audiences about this campaign.

Our agency will only use the direct mail once a week because it is able to send to the huge number of target audiences in one time or a day. In the months of Olympics which is July and August 2012, our agency will push the personal selling and direct marketing to be main communication activities because it is allow for the receiver to focus attention on our salesperson with a reduce likelihood of distraction and it is a good timing to push the products to the target audiences. After that, from September to December 2012, our agency will use sales promotion and personal selling to incentive audiences to purchase the products with a cheaper price which the products are selling during the month of the Olympic. The purpose to sell all these products with cheaper prices is not only to cover the budget but also able to clear stock.