Detergent Market

The major players in the detergent market are the Nun Lever and Naira. The Nun Lever dominates the premium and mid priced segment, and the Naira dominates the low priced segment. [pick] Competitive Analysis Shari is the market leader with a market share of 17. 3%, Wheel is at number 2 with a share of 16. 9%, Tide is 3rd with a market share of 13. 5%. Naira has market share of less than 6% now. Interesting facts. HULL is still the overall market giant with Wheel, Rind and Surf (one product for each segment) doing well. But Shari is now the overall market leader.

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Wheel Launched in 1987 by Hindustan Milliner Limited, Wheel is one of the Indian’s top detergent brand. Launched with the motive of catering to the masses this detergent brand in India was an instant hit especially with the Indian’s low income group. Known for its effective cleaning with least effort, this product today is the country’s most widely used detergent brands both in urban as well as rural India. The introduction of wheel came as a welcome solution for the elimination of dirt especially from heavy under like bed sheets, curtains blankets etc.

Surf Excel Introduced by HULL to cater to the ‘Affluent’ or elite-class of India, Surf Excel has evolved to become synonymous with the word detergent in India. Reputed as being the pioneer of detergents in the country Surf Excel over the years, has evolved to become one of the most flexible detergents that is used to cater to the constantly changing washing needs of the Indian masses. Ranging from whitening to removal of stubborn stains this top detergent brand in India caters to all kinds of washing requirements. Rind Introduced in 1969 Rind was launched keeping in mind the ‘Aspiring’ or mid strata of the Indian society.

I them a SITS – surf I Home Care – Premium Detergent – Bar, Powder, Mantic I Surf Excel has constantly upgraded itself over the years, to answer the constantly changing washing needs of the Indian I I homemaker SITS – Tide I People who have fixed budget for household things like detergents and look for economical options Women ages 18 to 54 years old, middle classes I Product which has all the qualities required from a detergent- quality, fragrance and low price