Development of the nazi party

In Germany during 1919-1933, the development of the Nan party was clear. A few dips In their success seemed terrible for the short term but successful of the long term. Heelers rise to chancellor In 1 932 enabled the Nan party to use the Likes of the enabling act to rule supreme power in extreme times. The Nazi party used propaganda to brainwash people into thinking the Nazi ideals and morals were correct and the best way for German to move on.

Their main target was children and nouns adults who hadn’t quite experienced the manipulative technique of propaganda so therefore would not have the knowledge to spot any change in their political Ideals. Posters, films, advertisements, leaflets, uniform, mews papers and radio were all used to the nanas advantage. An evil game but most certainly successful for them. Much propaganda was used in the Berlin Olympic Games, the last before the war. Nazi rules were enforced, no gays, no Jews and no black people. This racist homophobic view was notice by most of the world but those stuck in Nazi remain were too brainwashed to notice.

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The Nazi party won loads of seats in the Reichstag In the elections. When an issue was raised they would walk off and the relocates would be unable to cooperate. This resulted In another vote, which then resulted In over 200 Anza seats! This was not the majority so heeler Cups not automatically become chancellor and he lost the vote to take over as well, but he used the numbers to his advantage. He had technically more control over Hindering and his death in 1932 was the main reason to why Hitler was appointed chancellor.