Developmental Psychology: A Beneficial College Class

Very Beneficial Anyone who is looking to go into a career that deals with human interaction should look into taking Developmental Psychology. This class helped me to understand the way a human develops and thinks, which is important when dealing with human interaction. Developmental Psychology was a very beneficial class that allowed me to move ahead toward my career goal, and the professor helped to teach the class very thoroughly while making sure we understood and kept us engaged. Developmental Psychology was a very beneficial college class for me to take.

It would be very hard for someone to find a Job these days that does not have human Interaction, and this class helped me to prepare for that situation. The understanding that I gained from this class was an Immense amount. I got so much out of this class, such as how a baby develops so quickly all the way through how seniors get along in a nursing home. In my future I am going to need to use this Information to deal with all sorts of different relationships that I have to deal with, such as, family, friends, and school.

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I’m looking to go into the education field of work In my future, and Developmental Psychology was one class that helped me to get on the right track. This class fit right into working toward my career goal. There are many reasons why this class helped toward my future degree for example, In order to be a teacher I would have needed to take this class to graduate. So the opportunity I got through NC to take Developmental Psychology while still In high school was fantastic.

I now don’t have to ay for this class in college, and I can also take it off of my schedule of required courses and focus on getting more endorsements to make myself more marketable. Also, Developmental Psychology helped me to understand the kinds of things I will be dealing with in my future career. I now know how a middle schooled or teenager thinks, and I can understand how to deal with different situations that I will get thrown at me In my Job. I took Developmental Psychology as an ICON class through Northwest Iowa Community College, and the professor we had was fantastic.

She helped us to really understand the material, and opened a whole new realm of thinking that I and the other two girls in my class had never understood. Anything I was confused about or anything I had questions on my professor was quick to answer. She was so easy to work with, for example I went to Florida for a week during this class and she made it so easy to work back Into class, and get caught up. Our professor kept us very engaged throughout this semester class through Proponents, videos, readings, group projects, and class discussions.

Every week of his class we had to do something new and learn something new, by doing this it always kept us on our toes. This was good because It always made us Intrigued about what came next. We watched different videos that helped with understanding, and the explanation given to us by the professor was always stimulating. Discussions 1 OFF we and as a class, and the thought put into each lesson always made us want to learn more. Our professor was so good at making us want to learn more about development.

Developmental Psychology was such a beneficial class, and it helped me in so any ways to grow toward my future. I enjoyed this class, and I liked the professor because she showed her passion for the class through the things she did. This class was such a learning experience for me because it was my first college class, and I feel it was a great way for me to test the waters of how I am actually going to do in college. If you are going to go into a field that deals with human interaction, which will be basically everyone, Developmental Psychology is definitely a class to look into taking.