Developmental Psychology and Desirable Learning Outcomes

Explain the benefits of the key worker/person system In early years settings. A Key Worker Is responsible for lasing with the child’s career, Informing the career of actively In which the child has participated. She/He has the responsibility for monitoring your child’s development In the six areas of learning outcomes. She/He will be happy to share with you the development sheets that are completed on a regular basis and work with you if your child needs any extra assistance in reaching the desirable learning outcomes.

She/He will not be with your child every minute of the day as we encourage interaction between all staff and children – but she/he will keep a watchful eye on him/her. Shadow the children throughout the session. Only work with the key children they have been given. Prevent other adults from developing a relationship with the key children they have been given. There are many advantages to having a key person in an early years setting. Young children are entering the system and are being separated sometimes or the first time and this can be upsetting for them.

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By having someone constant In their dally routine that they can associate with and bond with helps them settle In quicker. The key person gets to know the child well and knows what can help settle them. They can also swap information and keep in contact with parents/careers to keep them informed about how the child is doing. They can find out about their likes and dislikes from the parents. The child also knows there Is someone they can turn to when they are upset or worried