Does Development Aid Work

Does International Development Aid Work? [2nd edit] I believe that International development lad Is making a significant contribution to the world today. Although the system currently installed is not without flaws, the overall good that these programs are doing greatly outweigh the negative. While these humanitarian relief programs have been criticized for their ineffectiveness, good work has and continues to be done in countries around the world.

In the current Syrian conflict, there have been millions of displaced persons. In a study done by Asana and Serving, they show that while before the conflict Syria had one of the best heath systems in the region, there has been a decrease of equity in care, causing at least 15% of the people to not be able to afford healthcare. However, due to the continued efforts of relief organizations such as MUNCH and UNDO, up to 1. 2 million people have been provided with clean water and heath Interventions and that number continues to increase.

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Developmental aid has been shown to work. Though there remains room for improvement. In a study performed by Stephen Cossack in 2002, he sought to see If developmental aid actually Improved the quality of life of the recipients through a mathematical model containing variables such as economic trade, GAP and the length of life. He ran a statistical analysis which documented the growth of countries within Sub-Sahara Africa, Central America and East Asia and found that aid improved the quality of life by 8% yet (Cossack 2002).