Does IKEA provide customers with good products

Does KEA provide customers with good products BY Sherry’s Does KEA provide customers with good products? II-mom 20110265 KEA Home Furnishing was founded In Sweden In 1943, since Its Inception has been trying, “to create a better life for most people” which Is the direction of the ‘KEA. KEA brand continually improving the quality of people’s life. The management idea of KEA is “to provide various kinds of beautiful and practical household articles that people can use. As we know KEA is outstanding by their product quality, strengthen the brand image, quality inspection and supervision, focused on diversification and rationalized product design, to ensure the safety of products, assure product quality. In order to satisfy the client’s needs and exceeding their expectations, they have to speed up the pace of new product development. KEA taste affordable and simple, the mission Is to produce quality furniture at an affordable price.

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Kike’s product positioning In the household articles for use Is “low price, elegant, durable”. Also, “good and Inexpensive and durable” became the KEA of the world’s top-selling pass. Unfortunately, the strategy seems not be applicable In China In the Minimal tags. Due to the particularity of the Chinese market, KEA cannot guarantee the advantage of a low price. In order to adjust the price and product structure of the Chinese consumer market and provide more affordable products, KEA reduced the cost by strengthening the cost control.

However, based on the KEA strategy in China, does KEA can provide Chinese customers with superior products? Actually, KEA is able to provide Chinese consumers both cheap and innovative fashionable home furnishing. KEA takes a very moderate price strategy. The first step is to build up a period image, and then is a step-by-step price slide. That makes the piece of Kike’s product can always be definitely accepted. Kike’s strategy Is the same in China. The perspective of the KEA business is to provide clients with personal and cost-effective products.

To reach that target, KEA has set up Its own manufacturers, suppliers In China, which can directly produce and supply In China to reduce the transportation cost from overseas and the burden of paying related taxes and fees. So KEA can guarantee that customers can deck out their homes with only a few month salaries ether than spending many years’ salary to furnish a home. At the same time has eliminated the high-end, expensive, luxury brand awareness that Chinese clients think of Kike’s product positioning before.

Low huge stimulated the desire to buy of mass consumers, which have accomplished the goal of Kike’s primary target, is the general masses. When you get into ‘KEA, you will be attracted by his elaborate design good decoration, inspired your purchasing desire. It can use their space to create a large number of rooms, and designed the Interesting spaces with unique decorative style. Not only Include study rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and children rooms’ decoration for a huge family, but also offer design for 30 to 50 square meters small size units to provide samples of the decoration of the room.

Display style and the an extraordinary charm. In each KEA stores, consumers have the chance to experience on a bed or sofa, through personal feelings to influence customers’. Take mattresses as an example, KEA will through the pictures to show this product decomposition, to tell customers what kind of material it used, and what weight the mattress can withstand. The rest is how you according to your height and weight to choose the right mattress. Of course, KEA will remind you “lie down and try it”.

The impact of the visual sense and bodily sensations will let you pay for those valuable products. Through the experience of consumer, the personalized demand of consumers will be met . Also, all the products are “limited” in the KEA store; it means your articles are unique, Just for you. It was ensured that consumers purchasing in the KEA product rarely have a “crash” to each other. Make consumers feel the real psychological satisfaction. Furthermore, customers may begin through oneself to select and purchase and DID assembly furniture.

It leads people to value things that they assemble, customize or build themselves. And they develop an attachment or sense of pride to this object. This phenomenon is also called “The KEA effect”. I was very excited when I know that consumers can put forward clear requirements, additionally they can creatively combine the different parts, and their own products. In my opinion, KEA gives consumers a chance to make their dreams or becoming an artist comes true, it’s wonderful. However, there is still part of people think that they cannot believe ‘KEA.

In their eyes, 4000 Yuan bed quality cannot be believed. Many of them visit KEA Just for the purpose of observing the layout of its sample rooms and get some fresh ideas about home furnishing and decoration. Small commodities like swabs or dust cloth, they would rather go to small commodities wholesalers, where prices are much lower than those of ‘KEA. But I do not agree with these points. Although some small commodities in KEA are more expensive than other shops, it proving customers more choices of goods.

And Kike’s price on the furniture is not high, only some small commodity prices are a little too high. This does not affect Kike’s strong brand and low price positioning. As for the quality of products in ‘KEA, we can through your test to ensure product quality. In my trip to ‘KEA, I have seen a very famous product PONG recreational chair. The chair frame is bending of laminated board, which looks graceful and memorable. However, there is no direct support frame, so the sense that gives a person is not very reliable. In order to eliminate the doubt, there is a PONG test area.

The test machine respectively from he upper part and action to simulate people sit down in front of the chair to extrusion, and the electronic counter displays cumulative squeeze number blew, give customers a strong intuitive concept: the design of the KEA is safe; Kike’s product quality is reliable. Through all the analysis we can know that KEA has their individual character of products, the loyalty of consumer make them become more and more competitive. And KEA is able to provide customers with satisfactory and quality products. KEA has achieve the goal that to allow “people with limited means to furnish their houses like rich people”.