Effects of Physical Development on Adolescents

Benjamin Lopez is a 14-years-old boy, with a thin body, a small stature although In recent months he has Increased from two to three Inches, he have long hair tied up with a pony tail, the facial hair, the acne in his face and the deepening of his voice, are characteristics of the pubertal transition from child to adolescent. According to Beer, (2010) some of the first sign of puberty in boys are facial and body hair, another Andorra is the deepening of the voice as the larynx enlarges and the vocal cords lengthen.

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Benjamin lives with his mother and his 17-years- old sister Shakier. He had a difficult childhood because his mother was always working, she spends too much time In her Job and he Is always alone with his sister. She is supposed to help him In his homework but she never wanted, she says that that is their mothers responsibility and not her responsibility, also she argued that she have her own school work. Benjamin sister is always talking on the cellophane and with her boyfriend and he had to make his own dinner and his homework.

Benjamin is in eight-grade he is supposed to be in ninth-grade but he failed In seventh grade. Ben]Aryan, his mother and sister, lives In Baltimore, Maryland, when his father abandoned them, they immigrates from Honduras to USA and they never knew of him again, his mother is a hairdresser and works long hours in a beauty salon in the Downtown of Baltimore. After Benjamin father’s left the home, he became aggressive with his classmates. On that occasion the teacher referred Benjamin to the social worker and the social worker referred him to a psychologist, but as

Benjamin mother could not miss work because otherwise would lose It, she take him to the psychologist only twice and could not take him anymore. At the first vaults, the mother of Benjamin told the psychologist that she was worried because she had found Benjamin several times playing with matches, and this behavior started since they emigrated to the United States, she also was concerned because Benjamin was always alone, he didn’t had friends and he stated that he hate that place.

The psychologist was unable to make a work plan and provide therapy to Benjamin cause his mother did not took him back to the appointments. On this occasion Benjamin was referred to the psychologist by the school social worker because the teacher found in one of his notebooks a message saying that he did not know why he born and that the world and his family would be better if he dies. Also his teachers all agree about his behavior saying that he is very quiet, doing his homework.

The quarterly report indicates that Benjamin has dropped all his grades. The psychologist explain to Benjamin mother the changes adolescents go through, the conduct they adopted, the damage he offered because his father abandoned them and change of culture when they emigrated to United States, all this mixed with even transition for which Benjamin is experiencing from child to teenager, is the answer of his conduct.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19 years in the USA (CDC 2006). Differences exist between adolescents who attempt suicide and those who die by suicide (e. G. , intent to die and lethality of chosen method). For educational immigrants and sojourners, difficulties surrounding schooling and acculturation appear to be primary, although health, financial, family, and discrimination- related stresses may also be important (Ennoble and Horrified 1998).