Employee Development

Employee development and career management are two Important parts of leadership and succession planning efforts for any organization. Both are responsibilities of the organization, the HER department, the employee’s manager or supervisor and the employee. Employee development and career management require the identification of specific career-related goals and the selection of training, educational, team and coaching activities that can help employees build the skills they need.

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Employee development involves a combined and on-going focus by employees and heir employers to ensure that skills, abilities, and knowledge are constantly being upgraded. For this to be a success there needs to be a balance between the organization’s needs and the individual’s career goals and aspirations. A program of employee development can Instigate positive changes to organizational performance.

It should be the case that after the completion of the training, or the application of a plan, that the workforce is more accomplished in their roles. Enhancing knowledge and skills are fundamental to improving the productivity and efficiency of any business; it does not matter what sector or industry the organization is involved in. Employee development has surged to the forefront on concerns for HER departments. Many organizations have established career centers to enhance employees’ professional growth.

Employee development is sponsored by an organization for its workers and focuses on identifying, assuring, and helping evoke new insights through planned learning. A lack of career planning for promotion and individual aspirations with organizational needs and opportunities causes great personal and uncial hardship, both to the Individual and the company. When we say Career management it is the accumulation and cultivation of skills and knowledge that enable a professional to advance or grow in the field of his or her choice.

Career management requires initiative from both organizations as well as individuals In order to provide maximum benefit both. In the emerging world of the present and the future, the practices of career development are being challenged to find new paradigms and new scientific bases. With proper career planning and rarer Business Management Dynamics management, an individual expects to reap the result of such investment by attaining career development. Laos, and use of career strategies to obtain career goals. The relationship between different aspects of the career management process and employee development behavior and performance was examined in this study. Employees provided information concerning their personal characteristics, career management strategies, their manager’s support for career development, and willingness to participate in development activities.