Energy Exchange vs OTC Market in Turkey

Evening these markets are accomplished automatically as non-organized markets at the beginning, the situation is changing in time by the way of establishment of organized exchange markets that re ensuring standardization, decreasing the commercial risk and increasing liquidity. In Turkey as well as other European countries, Energy Exchange market has been leaded by ETC (Over the Counter) market which is non-organized and off- exchange market.

In Turkish Energy Market, the companies, which have a supplier license, trade with each other in order to decrease their electricity deficit and make a profit by exchanging the commodity. Continuously developing market, by using a standard agreement arranged by European Federation of Energy Traders (FEET), and fascinating interest of local and foreign brokers, contribute to the raise of the equity and volume of trade capacity.

The next step of the explosion of Turkish Energy Market will be the establishment of an organized (exchange) and a non- organized (ETC) market which will make energy a more liquid and predictable product. In this study, by using European market examples, the development and Interaction of the Energy Exchange and ETC markets will be analyzed by discussing the expectations and differences between each other. Current regulations, market conditions and expectations will gulled to understand how Turkey energy market will be shaped and affected In the light of Interaction.