Environmental and Facilities Service Industry

Emails Database to Evening Call Operator Evening call operator (RASHES – RASHES) Books new Jobs Updates Database Creates Work Order for Drivers Emails updated Database to Data Clerk Data Clerk Integrate Information into Central Database Process payments Updates Database & email to Day Call Operator Consolidates Payroll Information (Hours Works, etc. ) Drivers Plans next day schedule based on Work Orders Inform Helpers Collects/Transports Waste Prepare ‘novice (Settle Payments) Email Data Clerk the details of Jobs Performed Helpers

Collects Waste Problems 1. Time Consuming a. Templates Existed but was neglected, causing data consolidation to be time consuming b. Drivers had to manually contact Helpers and Return to Customers to receive payments 2. Manual Data Entry – Human Errors a. Error in Customer Information b. Manual Calculations c. Billing Mistakes d. Forgotten Email e. Sending of Outdated Database to Day Call Operator e. T. Jobs that were booked were missing (Forgotten Orders) issue. Let to negative customer interactions, poor customer service quality.

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Resulting n customers switching to other competitors. Requirements of the New System 1 . Maintaining Virtual Business Model (Remote Access) 2. Centralized Database a. Not requiring the need to email database to and fro 3. Cost and Time efficient 4. Automated E-mailing to Customers 5. Easy to Implement/Operate a. King and Staffs did not possess very high IT Skills b. Requires to rely on the system heavily for daily business Operations 6. Flexible and Robust system a. To handle the changes in the industry or 1-888-Junk-Van’s Business 7. Vendor Support