EVA foam materials market growth continues unabated

Benefit from the stable development of the domestic downstream industries, industrial upgrading and enhance the downstream requirements and bring profits, as well as the broader application areas will be developed and other favorable factors, EVA foam materials market in China is expected to maintain rapid growth. Beginning in 2010, the annual compound growth rate will exceed 10% by 201 5, the racket scale will reach 30 billion Yuan. According to insiders, EVA foam materials market in recent years, the rapid growth has attracted many manufacturers to enter the industry.

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There on the domestic market in 2010 over 3000 enterprises with the ability to produce EVA foam. Most of EVA foam manufacturer for small businesses, with annual sales of less than 10 million Yuan. A small number of largemouth producers, total foam top five corporate sales market of nearly 20 million, only 10% of market share, to us EVA a message concentration is not high. Mainly rely on imports of raw materials The main raw material is EVA foam EVA.

Currently, EVA foam material needs of the EVA EVA accounted for more than 60% of total domestic consumption. Because of the apparent consumption of EVA foam for increased year by year, boosting the demand for EVA in the past few years, China’s average annual growth EVA demand more than 7%. On the other hand, the market supply is relatively high dependence on imports, in 2010 the global demand for more than 3 million tons EVA, EVA domestic consumption reached 700,000 tons, while production was only 270,000 tons, self- sufficiency rate of less than 40%.

As the market supply is tight, raw materials, energy and transportation costs and other reasons, EVA import prices from 2006 to 2008 all the way up, from 10,800 Yuan / ton rose to 13,600 Yuan / ton. 2009, as international crude oil prices, resulting in EVA production costs fell. On the other hand, the international financial crisis has caused the global downstream industry reduced demand for EVA. These two factors have led gradual recovery of macroeconomic, EVA gradual recovery in downstream demand, while international crude oil prices, EVA supplies remain tight, resulting EVA prices bounded to 13,500 Yuan / ton.

Price EVA EVA foamed materials along with price fluctuations. 2006 to 2008, EVA foam material prices since 31 50 Yuan rose to 3,600 Yuan per cubic meter of the way. By 2009, the price dropped along with EVA, EVA foam material prices also dropped to 3200 Yuan / cubic meter. Impact into 2010, the rapid growth by downstream demand and the sharp rise in raw material EVA, EVA foam material prices quickly rebounded back to 3500 Yuan / cubic meter.

Strong growth in downstream demand EVA foam traditional strong industry major downstream industries, namely footwear, gauge, toys, sporting goods industry, building materials, are Chinese manufacturing industry, in 2010 the industry output value of more than or close to one hundred billion Yuan, of which building materials industry output even reach one trillion Yuan or more. By stimulating domestic demand and export markets drive further improvements are expected in the next three years, these industries will maintain 10% growth.

In addition, emerging areas such as automotive interiors and electronics accessories and other downstream markets consumed a total of about 5% of EVA foam material on the Chinese market. Future development continues to improve High-growth market will attract more businesses, but technical barriers, especially EVA foam material for recycling renewable performance requirements, as well as on the scale and capital barriers will limit small scale, lack of capacity into the enterprise.

Although there is no EVA foam products industry standard, but the downstream industry demands for various products, especially the increasingly stringent export standards, EVA foam material also forms a strong constraint. Therefore, in line with the various standards of downstream producers in the competition will be in a more favorable position. Experts said, from upstream to see, with the expansion of the Chinese market emend for EVA foam, EVA future imports will rise further. At the same time as domestic producers technological breakthroughs, dependence on imports will be gradually reduced.

Being pulled downstream demand, China EVA foam materials of EVA foam material will further dominate the market, some industry consolidation will be achieved through methods such as mergers and acquisitions within the industry. Downstream, on one hand, the existing downstream industry demand will remain strong, and along with upgrading the downstream industry, EVA foam on the quality and characteristics of requirements will increase, but it also brings higher refits. On the other hand, more emerging applications will be developed.