Evaluating Customer Satisfaction in General Banking

Subject: Submission of Internship Report on “Evaluating Customer Satisfaction in General Banking of The Premier Bank limited” Dear Sir, It is a great pleasure to submit the report on “Evaluating Customer Satisfaction in General Banking of The Premier Bank limited. ” which was assigned by you for the completion of my internship program. This report is intended to fulfill the essential requirement for the successful completion of ABA program. All the information is done with utmost sincerity and honesty.

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The observations and result of my study are embodied on this report. I have tried my best to match my theoretical knowledge with the practical field. I also confess that my report has some limitations because I am still student and I am in a process of developing my skills. So I hope that you will be kind enough to consider the limitations of this report. I would like to express my gratitude for the effort you have provided during my internship with all your valuable suggestions and directions which have helped a lot to enhance the quality of this report. 00000000.

Acknowledgement Initially, I would like to express my gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving me the trench to complete the report within the stipulated time. Internship report is an essential part of ABA program as one can gather practical knowledge within the period of time by observing and doing the daily works of chosen organization. In this regard my internship has been arranged at Premier Bank Limited, Attar Branch, Dacha. My heartfelt gratitude goes to my honorable teacher and supervisor Mr.. Muhammad Antiwar Lam for giving me valuable advice, supporting and suggestions to complete the report in an appropriate manner.

His suggestions and comments were crucial in making the study as flawless as possible. My sincere gratitude goes to Mr.. Md Email Huge, my on-site supervisor, First Assistant Vice President (PAVE) & Manager-operation of Attar branch of Premier bank limited for the cooperation. My special thanks go to Mr.. Mohammad ABA Stayed Ton, Trainee Junior Officer (TCO) of Attar branch of Premier Bank Limited for guiding me at the time of my internship and giving me constant guidance and valuable suggestion from time to time.

I truly believe that saying, “Thank You” to all individuals of Premier bank limited (Attar branch) is not good enough to honor their support that I have been provided in repairing my report. Finally, I would like to give thanks to all the respondents for Executive Summary Premier bank limited is one of the leading private commercial banks in the country. It is serving the nation from last 13 years. It has become the largest competitors among its peer group. Customer satisfaction is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation.

It is seen as a key performance indicator within a business. So, evaluating the level of customer satisfaction actually helps to measure an organizations position in business. eve measured the customer satisfaction level of Premier Bank Limited, Attar Branch. Leve calculated the Customer Satisfaction Index by using SURVIVAL instrument having 22 statements on service quality dimensions through face to face interviews with the accountableness of the bank. Their agreements (agree & strongly agree) with the SURVIVAL statements touching the cut off score (4 & 5) used in 5 point Liker Scale is considered as satisfied in this study.

The study shows that customers conceive this bank as reliable in getting accurate promised services, problem solving and in maintaining error free record. They also believe that there is assurance of competency, courtesy, credibility & security by the bank. They are also satisfied by the tangible appearances of the bank. But the customers are not enough satisfied in getting personal attention and they think that employees do not understand their specific needs. The unsighted SURVIVAL score of 4. 27 and weighted score or Customer Satisfaction Index of 4. 5 indicates a satisfactory state in the overall level of customer satisfaction. On the basis of conducted Key Informants Interviews, the quantitative study result Banking department, maintaining time slots for each customer to serve, setting up of electronic calling machine for cash counter and customer service, setting up of query desk, replacement of core banking software by better one, regular arrangement of employee training workshops, appointing female employees, etc. Will help to increase the satisfaction level of the customers of the bank.

Banks are financial institutions or financial intermediary that collect fund from people as deposit and lend this fund as loans and advances to the borrowers in different sectors of the economy in return they give or charge a certain amount of interest. Banking industry is very important for both national and international trade. Now a day, no country can think their economy without international trade. Moreover, banking industry is providing some other non-traditional services like- factoring, issuing bank guarantees etc. Which are very much supportive to modern national and international trades. The financial system of Bangladesh consists of Bangladesh Bank (B) as the central bank, 04 nationalized commercial banks (NC), 5 government owned specialized banks, 30 domestic private banks, 10 foreign banks and 28 non-bank financial institutions are existing in our country at present. Foundation and Growth: To light up the spirit of 21st century, The Premier Bank limited set off its voyage of success with a motto Service First” in 1999 to stand out from the crowd as a distinguished financial service provider.

The motto reflects the Bank”s concern for customers” satisfaction, flexibility, responsiveness and productivity. Service to the Premier Bank Limited is meant not only for clients but also for the community, not only for gain but also for governance and not only for delivery but to ensure dynamism, discipline and accountability. The Premier Bank Limited is incorporated in Bangladesh as banking company on June 0, 1999 under Companies Act. 1994. Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh, issued banking license on June 17, 1999 under Banking Companies Act. 991. The Premier Bank Limited launched its formal activities of banking business on 26 October, 1999 with an Authorized Capital of BIT 6000. 00 Million and Paid up Capital of BIT 2242. 30 Million. The Head Office of The Premier Bank Limited is located at Banana, one of the fast growing commercial and business areas of Dacha city. The Board of The Premier Bank Limited consists of 14 directors and DRP. H. B. M Cabal is the honorable Chairman of the Board. The members of the Board of Directors of the Bank hold very respectable positions in the society.

They are from highly successful group of business and industries in Bangladesh. Out of 14 members one is from Taiwan. Each member of the Board of Directors plays a significant role in the socio- economic domain of the country. Principal Business Entities: Vision of the Bank The Bank has clear vision towards its ultimate destiny – to be the best amongst the top financial institutions. Missions of the Bank 0 To be the most caring and customer friendly of financial services provider, creating opportunities for more people in more places. To ensure stability and sound growth whilst enhancing the value of shareholders investments. 0 To aggressively adopt technology at all levels of operations and to improve efficiency and reduce cost per transaction. 0 To ensure a high level of transparency and ethical standards in all business transacted by the Bank. 0 To provide congenial atmosphere which will attract competent work force who will be proud and eager to work for the Bank. 0 To be socially responsible and strive to uplift the equality of life by making effective nutrition to national development.

Values of Premier Bank 0 Service First: For Premier Bank Service First” is not Just an abstraction; it really does mean it. It holds a prime and central focus in the Bank”s operation. It believes discharge of Premier Bank has made day-to-day banking easier than ever through state of the art facilities. The Bank tends to create a friendly atmosphere for the customers to feel free and go easy with banking. Premier Bank divides its clientele into least possible individuals to impart the best attention and its tailor made services to meet special needs. Better Relationship: As Premier Bank forms bondage with its valued clients, so the Bank develops it into a sustainable end. A good understanding with the customers while carrying out business transactions, help the Bank perceives their goals and thus, enable the Bank to respond pro-actively to their financial needs. 0 Assured Confidentiality: Since The Premier Bank Limited deals in business in the form of financial loss or gain, its solemn promise remains intact with interest of its clients so much so that all banking transactions are done in a confidential and professional manner.

Good Corporate Governance: The dynamic Board of Directors of The Premier Bank Limited hails from different disciplines of business and industry at home and abroad. They are well respected in the society for their contribution. The Bank is equipped with a highly competent management team who has long experience in domestic and international banking. The Bank upholds and strictly abides by good corporate governance practices and is subject to the regulatory supervision of Bangladesh Bank. 0 Corporate Citizenship: The Premier Bank Limited is a compliant Bank and it pays due taxes.

The Bank is eager to inspire CEO-friendly investment. The Bank is also an abiding citizen in terms of all laws, rules, norms, sentiments and values of the land. Strategies of Premier Bank 0 Be Pro-Active: Premier Bank makes conscious endeavor to elevate the life and activities. There is no place for fun in Reactive Management”. The Bank learns to anticipate and act. 0 Begin with the End in Mind: The every action of The Premier Bank Limited corresponds to its goal. The Bank sets its goal from what lies behind and beyond it and what lies within it. Premier Bank begins in earnest to finish in time to pursue that goal.