Evaluation of Marketing and Logistics Interface

In order to build a cohesive organization, it is important that points of commonalities between functions are identified and emphasized. The purpose of this research is to analyze how the link between marketing and logistics can be co-ordinate in order to use this link as a sustainable competitive advantage. The level of cooperation between marketing and logistics functions in an organization marketing -logistics interface coordination techniques in order to build and improve the cooperation and create a sustainable competitive advantage through the interface.

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The techniques like top management support, Join outings and information sharing are mostly used by organization. Although Joint outing is mostly used it was mound to have an impact on the marketing logistics interface. The literature has acknowledged that marketing and logistics are inseparable and managers from these functions have been working on the relationship in order use it as a competitive advantage strategy. 1. Coyly, The literature has emphasized that logistics and marketing are inseparable and logistics is the other half of marketing.

Unfortunately there has been limited research on marketing logistics interface. 2. Murphy, it’s important for organizations to develop approaches for effective management of international activities. 3. Reamer, in a competitive industry here differentiation from competitors is gained mainly by providing superior service, marketing and logistics strategy is important. 4. Kahn and Mentor, They believe that in order for an integration to succeed, it is important to establish techniques for building a harmonious interaction.

To study the perspectives of respondents towards the importance of marketing and logistics interface in an organization. * To study the importance of various techniques to enhance marketing and logistics interface. * To study the advantages achieved by an organization through marketing and logistics interface. : The research methodology, not only the research methods that are used but also consider the logic behind the methods. They are in the contest of our research studied. And explain why we are using a particular method or techniques and we are not using others.

In includes surveys, and facts finding enquires of different kinds. The major purpose of descriptive research is description of state of affairs on it exists at present. The main character of this method is that the researcher has no control threw over the variables. He can report what has happen or what is happening. Nature of data: In this study primary data are used. Collection of data: questionnaire. Area of the study: This study covers Pizza city only. Sample size: The sample size of this study is 104.

Tools for analysis: Along with the usual statistical tools such as tables, percentages, bar charts, factor analysis test is used for analyzing the data and arriving at the conclusion. Hypothesis of the study; On the basis of review of previous studies and on the basis of observation made during our collection of data, the following null hypothesis was formed. There is no significant association between personal variables such as age, gender, educational qualifications, monthly income, marital status and the perceptions towards marketing and logistics interface.