Example Child Development Plan Adapt

Example development plan Child’s name -? Key person / home link Age -? Today’s date -? Interests observed / individual needs of the child Egg. Enjoys block building, looking at books, being outdoors, water tray and buckets. Galling confidence climbing steps, developing manipulation skills whilst using scissors. Information provided by parent/career/by child about own likes, dislikes Egg. Interests at home Aims/targets/purpose of plan: Egg.

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Build confidence in new situations, encourage communication, speech, language, purport social interactions, develop body coordination, balance and fine motor skills, Suggested activities/experiences : Egg. Threading to develop fine motor skills Build a den outside to encourage cooperation in play, share books about trains to build own interests Equipment/ resources needed: Egg. Selection of mixed sized beads and threads, den and shelter building materials, relevant book titles Location: Egg. Within the setting, Indoors, outdoors, children’s, home practitioner’s role: Egg.

Ensure safety, check protection, provide a range of resources, use praise and encouragement, ask open ended questions encouraging language and new Date for review Time frame: how long will the plan stay current for? Three weeks, three months? Assess development with knowledge and understanding of; Confidentiality Children’s own wishes, views and feelings Cultural background Disability or other needs Reliability of information – observe children in action, use information that’s been provided by others to inform practitioner’s professional knowledge.

Enable a child’s presence and participation to guide professional practice. Objectivity to avoid bias Knowledge of open and closed reporting methods Mix methods of recording information Observation or methods of recording information Written record / narrative / free description / diary / anecdotal Time sample Event sample Target child Checklist or tick sheet Photography / filming Audio recording Information received from parents careers family child Diagrammatic charts egg. IEEE charts, flow diagrams, isograms, bar charts, growth harts Standardized tests Adaptable activity areas Dough Mark making Digging Sand and water Role play dressing up Sit and ride toys Construction toys Equipment for climbing and Jumping Small world play fugues Sensory play CIT toys Knowledge of schema egg. Would it help for resources to be.. Small large High low Long short Near far New old Soft hard Early years observation and planning in practice by Jenny Barber Sharon Paul-Smith 2010 Clipper images sourced from Microsoft royalty free clipper library.