Factor That Influence Customer Loyalty Towards

Nestle Bertha also brought the number of hall products manufactured whereas more than 500, exported to more than 50 countries worldwide while Hall center of excellence for the Nestle Group is to new actors to be operational in May, 2014 that was located in Atman Sir Mud, Shah Lam, west Malaysia. In this research where the location in Serbian 2 which will be conducted by anyone customer that use and buying the Nestle products since they are. Hence, these products of Nestle is available in any markets in Malaysia which is the customer can get it as much they want and to buying.

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Nestle products also one of the famous brand of good food to healthy life. So that, in this research making that would be determined the main factor that being kind of the customer loyalty towards Nestle products. Besides that, the researchers will find more point that may help to getting the anything causes that make the customers are be loyalty towards that products milk existing in the markets. Based on the researchers observation that they making decision to choose Serbian 2 as the place to doing their research scope. 1. Problem statement However in this research faced to the some limitation that as generally nestle was known familiar as long in the market of Malaysia. In the same condition that found also the other brands that dairy products entering in the same market but some of he other brands problem is faced to in term of trust which is dangerous to the consumer. For example, milk formula products in china on the last year where contain melamine which is unmitigated disaster to the baby. Melamine issue has gained worldwide attention following the death of several babies in China.

At first only only contaminated baby milk but then it also includes all dairy products and eggs from China. This result not only milk but also items that are using resources such as milk biscuits, sweets and similar questionable whether or not safe to eat. Melamine are organic compounds containing a high percentage of nitrogen (66% iatrogenic). It can formed as a result of metabolism of coronation (a pesticides) by livestock, such as cattle, goats and others who have been eating food containing on the tagging used is good food, good life.

In Malaysia, did not import milk and infant formula milk powder from China, but have to import milk products from China. However, the supply of milk imported from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States Northland. This is a requirement by the Department of Veterinary Services in issuing permits for milk products imported from China due to the risk of foot and mouth disease in cattle in the country. N the production of milk products for infants such as Nestle NAN and Lactose where to produce the milk powder based on a study made in advance and follow the standards set by the health institute.

Refer to the Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985, the milk is defined as regular milk clean and fresh from cow, buffalo, goat or sheep. Milk products are defined as any product produced or prepared from milk. In Malaysia, Nestle brand has a long- established around 100 years and in the long term period that Nestle never had problems or complaints from customers. In fact, the brand Nestle has found a place n the hearts of the consumers trust. In terms of taste, the other dairy products such as milk formula in China tainted by the contents of the danger to the baby due to an unpleasant taste.

In Nestle products, the institute has conducted extensive research and development of innovative research on existing products where they modify the product in terms of taste. In terms of taste, the other dairy products such as milk formula in China tainted by the contents of the danger to the baby due to an and development of innovative research on existing products where they modify and add delicious taste of the product. For example, nutrition Infant Nutrition continued its growth process by giving focus on science-based innovation and renovation.

The main launch is enhanced infant formula, LACTOSE with the addition of ASS-FOSS PREMIER special blend of fibers containing galactic-lexicographical (ASS) and fructose- lexicographical (FOSS) to improve digestive comfort. Another new product is milk powder LACTOSE 3 for children,that support optimal growth and development of children taken to provide users continuity and continuous use. Due to the increase in raw harbinger, the introduction of infant formula LACTOSE Bag-in-Box (BIB) egg imply, as it offer a good choice for consumers who are more budget-conscious.

Meanwhile, a new variant of cereal Various NESTLEГ? Cereals and Fruits Mixed and communication campaign “My First Solid Food” received by users; next increase Cereals sector. Product were supported by the launch site Nestle Junior Club website (win. Weaning. Com. My), which provides advertisers on nutrition to Bibb, helping them to efflorescence in fostering the development of and growth of their children. While the issue of quality, such as dairy products available in china clearly shows hat low quality and unsafe for consumers.

In some clients who want to be high quality and can ensure the health of their family which will select the high quality products in order to remain healthy. As we know, the quality is very important to maintain a balanced and quality of life. In Nestle products, as we know it is a brand that has long existed in the world market and around hundreds of years, have a place in the hearts of our customers. It remains to this day due to the quality desired for children and adults.

Furthermore, Nestle provides healthy products for the elderly and Inline Yogurt. This statement is proved by a study conducted by Nestle which Nestle HealthCare Nutrition continue its growth path strong by providing nutrition Products based the delicious and innovative science, and has gained a reputation as a provider nutritional solutions preferred and trusted users. Part the continuing effort to providing nutrition solutions nutritional and educational programs for help diabetics manage their sugar levels and lead normal life.