Feasibility Study of Yellow Crown Supermarket

It is yellow because yellow in business means cheap. To shorten it, the cart with a yellow crown on top signifies a variety of high quality goods offered In cheap prices. “TM” means trademark which signify that the logo was solely made for this establishment and it was not copied from anyone. Customers (The “X” mark illustrates the location of the Yellow Crown Supermarket. ) Sat. Mesa, one of the geographical districts of the city of supplier of 98,901 people living their (as of Manila is Yellow Crown’s respective customers.

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With over 2007), their demand for basic big. This will also Include the university of commodities and other Items sure is students of Polytechnic the Philippines (PUP). The grocery stores wealth the area are Purposed, Savored and SMS hypermarket. It can be discerned that Yellow Crown Supermarket has big competitors. But we’re still confident because of the high quality goods and services that we will be offering to our customers. Timetable The Proposed timetable is as follows: Date Start: 3rd week, February

Yellow Crown Supermarket 4th week, February Activities New release about the establishment of Presentation of Plan to the Board of 1st week, March Filing of documents to Business Licensing Office of the City of Manila and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIRR) and week, March 4th week, March Start the renovation of Sat. Mesa Branch Business meeting with the Manufacturing Companies and purchase of equipment conditioners, computer 1st week, April posters 2nd week, April department head etc. Rd week, April 4th week, April ND week, May 4th week, May current business standing 2nd week, June 3rd week, June (cash registers, air etc. ) Printing of advertising and Job opening Hiring employees, appointment of manager, Training and development of employees Preparation for the grand opening.