Fewikwik and the Goa Market

It’s ability to bond a variety of surfaces in a matter seconds makes it a handy home and industrial adhesive. One of the most popular applications among consumers for the ‘Instant one-drop adhesive’ is gluing back sandals and handbags that are coming apart, according to the company’s findings. The importance of end-consumer adoption is reflected in Effective’s retail expansion – available countrywide Polite company officials attribute the success of Fieldwork to the following – D Strong consumer brand, which Is highly salient in consumer minds due to break through advertising.

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In fact the Instant adhesive category Is defined by Fellow In India. 0 Wide availability. It Is available across over 3 Ml outlets across the country Including urban and Rural areas. And probably among the top five to SIX FMC brands in terms of reach. Alongside Festivity glue stick, it presents a compelling proposition for retailers and stationery stores to stock. It is available across various types of retail outlets including Koran, hardware, modern trade and pan shops . It is available even in towns with 2,000 to 3,000 population. 0 Attractive pricing .

Effective is available in a variety of pack sizes (with the RSI 5 MR. SKU contributing to more than 80% of sales) Type of end users: Effective’s growth has come from adoption by household consumers (which contributes to more than 70% consumption) In addition to craftsmen (auto mechanics, electricians, plumbers, mobile repairmen, spectacle repairmen and the like) Type of retailers: The type of outlets through which the Fellow sell are – Hardware outlets, Hardware & Sanitary outlets, Electrical outlets, FMC & Koran outlets, Stationary outlets, Auto outlets, Industrial retail outlets.

Different consumer segment purchase from different type of outlets The challenge in Ago While Effective has a market share of over 85% in the country , one of the areas where here is strong presence of competition is Ago where a local brand Cheaply has been in the market for a long time (much before Effective) . While over the years Cheaply share has eroded , it still has market share of 29% in Ago.