Final Paper Personal Development Plan

I have discovered many new and Interesting things about myself during the past two weeks as I maneuver through this course. I have completed five self-assessments and while some of the results were an affirmation of Information I already knew, It was refreshing to discovered things that I did not know about myself. The assessments gave me new Insights on some of the issues that I have encountered both personal and professional.

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My flirts assessments was the Jungian Typology. The results of my Jungian Typology indicates that my resonantly type is INFO-Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging. The results of my Jungian Typology reaffirmed some of the things I was already aware of and new things that were presented to me. I learned that we make up one percent of the population making it the rarest of all personality types. I am reserved, quiet and have a small group of friends. I also learned that I Like to plan, organize and make decisions sooner than later.

I learned that I like focusing on the bigger picture. I was not aware the individual with this personality have a talent for language and purse careers as counselors, religious workers, teachers and rites. In relation to productivity, I am very detailed oriented and willing to do whatever It takes to get the Job done. I can prioritize myself to ensure that critical Items are and I have a strong drive to achieve. I was not surprise by the results of my productivity assessment because it describe me perfectly. The result of my Locus of Control assessment is twenty six.

This score indicates that I have a strong internal locus of control which means that I take responsibility for my actions whether good or bad, independent (not influenced by luck or chance) and always striving to better myself. The result of the Experiencing Burnout assessment is fifty-eight. This score indicates that I am at severe risk for burnout. Unfortunately, this may be unavoidable at this stage in my life. I am pulled in many directions. I work in the healthcare industry that is very fast paced and busy.

I have been with Georgetown Hospital -Department of General Internal Medicine for fifteen years and the physicians need me to assist with the daily function of the practice and the day to day operations of the department. I have two children that need care and guidance and now I have returned to school. I am paying close attention to myself so that I do not go over the cliff. My Holmes and Rare Stress Scale is four hundred thirty. This score indicates that I have an increased risk of becoming ill in the future. I have many stress in my life as indicated by the results of my burnout assessment.

Between work, school and the kids, it is very difficult to remain stress free. I am learning to manage the stress level and still be an effective worker, student and parent. It is a Juggling act however it is an act that must be done not only for myself but for children. My personal development plan will consist of addressing my strengths and weakness as it pertains to my relationship with other people. I will reinforce my strengths however I would like to focus on my weaknesses because looking back I can see how it has affected me both personally and professionally.

My personal developments plan will tackle the notion that I am not a people person. I have an opportunity to get a managerial position at Georgetown Hospital however I was passed over solely for that reason. I need to change that perception if I want to move up within the organization. The overall goal for this plan is to address the issues that are holding me back from achieving my full potential. The goal is also to give me a better understating of myself and how to interact with other.

Section 2: Personal Development Plan – SOOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Ambitious: I seize and make my own opportunities and strive towards my goals. I continue to work through setbacks. Responsible: I take responsibility for my actions. I do not avoid blame for outcomes that I cause. I make sure that I am informed about all things that may affect the quality of the decisions that I make. Honest: I am honest Reliable: I manage my time wisely. I know and understand my limitations. I stay on ask and make sure that I get the Job done correctly and in a timely matter. Trust Issues: I have issues trusting people.

I do not trust other people to get the work done. I prefer to do the work myself. Self-Doubt: Even though I am a confidence individual, I have the tendency to doubt myself and my abilities. Over-sensitivity: I can be over sensitive to the comments of other and I have the tendency to take comments to heart. Communication: I have problems communicating with others and have the tendency to shut down. Because of my issues with trusting people, my interaction with others can sometimes have a negative impact. Opportunities I can be more involved in my interactions with other people.

Threats I need to be more trust worthy and allow other to show what they are callable of I can offer my expertise to my co-workers since I have been with the organization for over fifteen years. I could communicate with my administrator to find out what she did to further her education and what she did to get other current position. I need to be able to network within the organization. I need to be more open minded to other opportunities that may come along instead of shutting them down. The Job done. Getting I must understand that criticism is not a bad thing and stop taking things to heart.

I need to realize that criticism is not a bad things. Criticism can help become a better person and a better employee. Even though I have been with my organization for fifteen years and I am an excellent employee, self-doubt has cause me to miss out of many opportunities. Improving my communication is something that I must continue to improve. Even though I have made improvements, I need to continue to make strides if I am to rise within the organization Reflection: Working on this SOOT Analysis, I realize that I am my own worst enemy. The issues that I have faced both personally and professionally fall squarely on my shoulders.

This analysis brings into focus how my weaknesses have caused threats as it pertains to career advancement(s) and my interactions with others. This analysis will assist me in recognizing and understanding the areas that I need to work and improve. The most eye opening discovery for me is the fact that I have such self- doubt in myself and my abilities. I have always had self-esteem and self-confidence issues however I have always been a hard and dedicated worker so I was a bit disappointed to realize that I have been committing self-sabotage.

This SOOT Analysis will now allow me to confront my issues in a positive ways so that I can not only become a better employee but also a better human being. Sections: PEST Analysts Factor Threat Political Being in the health care field health are safety are critical to the daily operation of the hospital. What is health and safety laws? Health and safety laws refer to a cross disciplinary area concerned with protecting the health safety and welfare of all individuals.

The international Labor organization and the World Health Organization states that occupational health should aim at the promotion and maintenance of the sights degree of physical, mental and social well- being of workers in all occupation; prevention amongst workers from health and safety issues caused by working conditions; the protection of workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to health; the placing and maintenance of the workers Occupational health and safety programs promote health and safety procedure at work.

Programs evaluate and recognize potential hazards and measure these risk through the implementation of safety measures. These health and safety programs can reduce the number of injuries and deaths, legal liabilities, illnesses, workman insemination claims and missed time from work. Health and safety laws are enforced by U. S. Criminal and civil legal platforms. There are many threats to Health and safety. Some of these threats include natural disasters, disease outbreak, accidents involving hazardous substances and terrorist attacks.

Economic International trade has risen in its economic, social and political importance. International trade is the exchange of capital goods and services across internal borders and territories. Without international trade, countries would be limited to the goods and services. International trade has given rise to a world economy. International trade in some countries represents a significant share of the GAP (gross national product). International trade gives consumers and countries the opportunity to be exposed to new markets, products and services that are not available in their own countries.

Global trade allows wealthier countries to use their resources efficiently. International trade encourages the opportunity of foreign direct investments (FDA) which is the amount of money that individuals invest into foreign companies and other assets. Growth of information technology tools including the Internet and electronic commerce making business transaction faster. Threats that affect International trade are political risks. Political risks can be the threat of war, social unrest, political violence, international disputes and corruption.

Economic risks such as inflation’s regulations in international financial markets and exchange rates as also threats to international trade. Lax regulation in international financial markets can lead too financial crisis. Socio-cultural Cultural aspects play an important part in international trade. The ability to communicate, socialize and manage relationship in different cultural environments is essential to a successful global business operation. The ways culture influences international trade are: 1 . The way we represent ourselves 2. How we express physical details.

Taking the time to learn something about the culture of a country you are doing business with shows a level of respect. Understanding the cultural aspects when involved in international trade can influence the maximum utilization of resources and benefits to consumers. A lack of familiarity with the business practices, social customs and etiquette of a country can weaken a company’s position prevent a company from accomplishing its objectives and lead to failure. Language an also be a threat to international trade. Language barriers can lead to misunderstandings.

Religion-Len many Middle Eastern countries is rules by Shari law or Islamic law. Shari laws regulate the public and some private aspect of life. Islamic law prohibits doing business that are considered unlawful (businesses that sell alcohol and pork, business that produce pornography) because they are contrary to Islamic values. Technological New technologies and the Internet are reshaping and impacting international trade. The Internet has revolutionize the daily activities and communication and it is having profound effect on global trade.

Databases, overnight delivery and faxes have opened allowing large corporation and small businesses the ability to flourish. Companies and competitors are combining and forming alliances to cut cost and increase profit margins, New technologies including the Internet have given birth to a new economy. The Internet age promises to bring about an economic boom. It has also causes a shift from trading goods to include services. It is allowing more industries to be open up to globalization. Other opportunities that new technologies and the Internet can bring is an increase in global and economic growth.

The threat to new technologies/lenient and International trade include overcoming logistical challenges such as language barriers, exorbitant implementation costs, attaining government cooperation and shipping and transportation cost. Reflection: I have to admit that this assignment caused me much distress. I know that I would have some issues however I was pleasantly surprised by how complicated it turned out to be. Along with the fact that this assignment was very complicated, I was also pleasantly surprised by the results of my PEST analysis.

Computer World, 3 (17), Mandela, Michael J. (1999) “The Internet’s Economy: The World’s Next Growth Engine”: Business Week (October), 2 Section 4 Goals Action Steps Potential Obstacles Plan to Overcome My first goal is to continue working on issues that have affected me personally and professionally. 1 . Stop taking things personally and understand that criticism can be healthy and productive. 2. Taking my anti-depressant on a consistent basis(be more compliant) See my therapist on a weekly basis. 3.

Start a nightly Journal to write down how I am feel and the overall progress of my day. 4. Learn to say “No” without feeling bad about it. 1. I am very emotional and this will be my biggest obstacle. 2. Thinking that since I feel better that I no longer need to see my therapist or continue taking medications. This has caused me to be hospitalized on several occasions. 3. Being too busy with life to sit and write daily. 4. I am a people pleasure so this will be difficult to overcome. 1. Learn ways to keep my emotions in check. . Remind myself that hospitalizing prevents me from the ability to take care of my children 3. Prioritize my time so that I can find quiet time to write down my thoughts. My second goal is to continue my studies and earn a degree in HealthCare Administration. To achieve this goal, I must continue to take the necessary coursework. 1. The main obstacle that would prevent me from pursing my degree is none. 2. Another obstacle that would prevent me from pursing my degree is whether or not I am mentally sound.

I have withdrawn from school several times due to lengthy hospitalizing. 1 . Look for scholarships or other resources to assistance me financially. 2. Continue working with my Human Resource Department to obtain tuition reimbursement. 3. Understand that I will be on medications for the rest of my life and that is k. Be more compliant with therapy sessions and medications. My third goal is to became a Healthcare Manager at Georgetown University Hospital 1 . To achieve this goal, I must earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration 1 .

Focus on family life 2. Mental Health Issues 1. Prioritize family life so that it does not interfere with professional life. 2. Continues seeing therapist and taking medications. Surprising and painful revelations. This course has allowed me to see and reflect on many issues that needed to be addressed. The self-assessments were critical in allowing me to discover and understand what my strengths and weakness are. The self-assessments opened my eyes to things about myself that I can now take to my harpist and we can build on.

I now have a better understanding of who I am and what it will take to get to the next level. I will re-enforce my strengths and focus on my weakness so that I can be a better person personally and professionally. My five year goal is to be working as a Healthcare Manager at Georgetown University Hospital and working in an environment that allows everyone to be and feel valued. I hope to have my mental health issues in a place where it does not affect me personally or professionally. I hope to be happy and living at my fullest potential.