Invoice bears the inward stamp. 6. 2 Supplier s Delivery Callahan / Invoice bears the reference of purchase order. 6. 3 In case of consignment received without any documents or any discrepancy noticed in the documents received, Purchase official will be notified immediately for obtaining necessary information for inward.

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Till such time material will not be in warded. 6. 4 Acknowledgement of receipt of consignments is subject to final check and approval. A notation, to this effect must be stamped on each copy of Delivery Callahan/ Lorry Receipt/leonine as given below: “Goods received subject to verification and approval” . 6. 5 All apparent damages/leakages/broken seal in the consignment received are immediately recorded in the DC/LAIR/leonine and bring the same to the attention of Day. Dir (S&M) or concerned authority. 6. 6 Verify the identity of the material received.

Ensure description of the material given in the consignment and number of containers / packages received as per the DC / LAIR / Invoice. 6. 7 Materials hall be received on all working days only during working hours. 6. 8 100% verification / weighing to be done in respect of construction materials listed in Appendix G . Weigh Bridge readings [certificates are not always 100% reliable. Therefore, irrespective of whether the W sigh-Bridge reading tallies with DC or not, 10% of the consignment should be weighed at random and based on this observation, the in warding made. The Weigh-Bridge certificate may be taken only as a guideline.

If the quantity thus verified varies a further 10% of the consignment it should be weighed and again the average taken for in warding purposes. For all other materials, in warding is based on 100% physical verification by way of counting, measuring & weighing. 6. 9 All materials received will be taken on Ledger Charge through means of a Receipt Voucher as per format attached as Appendix A A certificate to the effect that the items are received in Good condition and as per our specifications and taken on our ledger charge vide Receipt Voucher No and dated to be endorsed on the reverse of the Original copy of Invoice or Delivery Callahan.

Receipt vouchers will be serially numbered and filed in a separate file along with a copy of supplier s Invoice / Delivery Callahan. 6. 10 The Stores Personnel shall inward the materials within 24 hours of receipt by way of preparing the Receipt Voucher and sign at the relevant places. 6. 11 All materials will be taken on ledger charge immediately as per format attached as Appendix B . Signatures of concerned designated official will be obtained. Ledgers will be maintained separately for each trade and type of materials. Separate pages will be opened for each item.

Over writing / erasing or altering ledger stroke will be put across the entry needed correction and fresh entry will be made on pop and should be initialed by the designated officer. 7. 0 STORAGE The term storage refers to the physical act of storing the materials in a Storehouse on pallets, shelves, racks, boxes, Elmira, etc. With the objective of retrieving them later for issue to the user. The purpose of any storehouse is to provide to users the right materials, in the right quantity, at the right time and at the lowest possible cost. 7. The following main objectives for storage shall be considered carefully while storing the materials. 0 Maximum utilization of space consistent with adequate care and protection of trials. 0 The storage system has to be such as to enable accurate identification of the materials stored. 0 Ease of storing and picking, thus enabling speedy operations. 0 All materials must be protected from temperature, moisture, pilferage, insects, rodents etc. 0 A very important principle in store keeping is FIFO or First-in-First-out as some of the materials have a shelf life .

It should be accounted for properly and stores personnel are responsible for it. Collect, sort and prepare the scrap metal and waste. Each has a different value and if all are mixed up, their value may fall very low. Different items will have their own buyers. Sorting, categorizing and preparing the scrap are therefore, important. 13. Items like empty cement bags, paper, card board boxes, wood shave, GIG, MS, Steel, Aluminum, copper, plastic and wood be salvaged, converted into scrap and shall be taken on ledger charge as scrap through a casual receipt voucher and accounting unit will be in Kegs.