Finance and Management Personal Statement

The real price of everything, what everything really costs to the man who wants to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it” (Adam Smith). My interest in the financial world was spurred on by this quote from the famous economist. Growing up in Hong Kong, was a witness to some major political changes In governance, which up to date have continued to have a considerable Impact on the financial market. In 1997, Hong Kong was famous for Its free trade market; It was then passed back to China and rule under the Chinese government.

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The active changes between the political and the financial market have been a major contributing factor in my passion to study finance and management. I have been fascinated by how businesses and management work within these two markets. As a result, I fervently want to study finance and management as It will provide me with useful applications and endless knowledge In the business world. Finance and management is an essential area in every business since we need knowledge on how to manage funds essential in business operations.

The course enables one to make sound decisions affecting the performance of an organization and therefore, pursuing the study will be vital to understand the ever emerging financial Implications. My major Interest In finance and management Is to progress with my career. The course will also give me an Insight Into vital business concepts. During my summer job, I noticed differences between the real financial world and my textbook knowledge, so studying finance and management will enable me to bridge the gap, and contribute positively in the work environment.

Despite this, the opportunity gave me an insight into the mechanics of a financial institution and the experience of working and interacting with a professional team. I was pleasantly Impressed by how they transmit business Information In a timely and organized manner. Studying the course will enable me to approach financial Issues from a professional perspective. As part of my continued interest in finance, I read many articles and books on finance and management. This has kept me updated on issues relating to financial markets and Institutions across the globe.

Studying overseas for 8 years has exposed e to people with different perspectives In regard to finance. This has Influenced me to take part in the challenging world of finance. In addition, living in NZ, UK and USA has enabled me to interact with people from diverse cultures, which mean that I have developed good communication and interpersonal skills. Mathematics is a passion of mine; I completed the GEE A-Level Mathematics course within a year and took the opportunity to study one module in A-Level on my own. I am also sensitive in numbers so I can easily notice errors In calculations and statistical representations.

I have had the opportunity to undergo a three-month internship program, which enabled me to learn some administration roles vital in management. I have also been a member of the business club in school. This has given me the opportunity to share ideas and expand my knowledge on economics. Apart from academic work, I am socially active in several sports, namely football and swimming which have enabled me to improve my social skills, and also become an active team member. I believe that my past work and education experience have prepared me well to undertake a course in finance and management.

I have gained knowledge on matters affecting businesses hence my desire to make a change. I am passionate about this course mainly because it will facilitate my career development. It will also enable me to utilize the available opportunities and contribute positively to the finance world. In addition, knowledge gained from the course will enable me to excel and earn a decent living in the future. Therefore, I believe that the program is the next step towards my long desire to become a professional in finance and management.