Financial organizations

Great Britain is the prime industrial country in the world, it was top of capitalism country, in its splendent period, settlement spread all over the world. After the second War, Britain turned to second-class country, meanwhile its financial status was also weakened. However, dollar was instead of pound, whereas Great Britain is one of main creditor nations, the financial empire status still cannot be ignored, London is still the financial focus in the world, especially in insurance, despite the centre status has been weakened a bit.

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In 1990s, British economy went through a wane, which gave a great impact on insurance, in order to reduce the cost, increase income and keep away risk, British banks began to reform the institution. Following Euro came out in early 1999 and the tend of globalize economy, which prick up the European banks’ reform. Even though Britain was refusing join the Euro, it’s also given an impact of reform. To face the serious situation, generally, although British banking reformed quite slowly, some were quite dramatic, for example, Royal Scotland bank and Scotland bank won for purchasing Nat West bank; the overseas banks develop rapidly; online banks’ development is also focused attention upon.

Commercial bank At the mention of British bank, we have to speak to its commercial bank, it can say that is the originator of investment bank, and it is still active in investment bank in many other ways. The history of British commercial banking is long; feature is brilliance. The British commercial bank of Familial management are totally different from German omnipotent, it reflects by name. Overall, British commercial bank done quite well in European and Asian traditional market.

Whereas following the development of global integrative economy, global overseas big companies also claim to be offered serviced in global wide range, in there years, because of the localization of familial management, at the same time, it is also because of mightiness strength of American investment banks, British investment cannot drive into earnestly long for Wall Street market, therefore, ultimately, they had to give up investment banking, as a result, some were purchased downright by American, Helvetian and German big banks, some changed to fasten to assets management and private banking.

Since 80’s, British investment bank graduately retreat in defeat. By the end of 1989, Morgen Green Phil bank, German purchased which originate from Morgen bank, and finally the latter became a part of investment banking. In June 1995, British Klein Wort Benson bank combine, which has 200 years’ history was purchased by Dresden bank, it became the operation centre of investment bank.

In July of the same year, then the biggest British commercial bank combine Delaware Morgen was purchased by Switzerland bank, it has been the department of Switzerland investment bank. Thus, nowadays, following the traditional gold business shrinking, British commercial bank has graduate lost the international status in drastic bout. Overseas bank In contrast, British overseas banks developed well nigh. The most representative one is HSBC, it was founded in March 1865, and the headquarters is in Hong Kong; In April of the same year, a branch was founded in Shanghai, therefore, its English name is Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation, and it is still used till now.

Currently, HSBC is the third biggest bank in the world, there are over 5000 branches cross 79 countries, and the institutions and network crossed Europe, Asia and America. HSBC got cross to expand its size and strength, moreover, its interior system was adjusted along in order to get max conform effect, it really made HSBC become an international brilliant bank. Discount hose Discount honse is a special financial organization, it seemed to be an agency between the central bank and other financial institutions.

The birth of Euro has quickened the incorporation of European politics and economy, likewise, it also gave a great opportunity for Euro banks. Great Britain, the European financial center, the survival competition is extreme cruel. The big British banks has been defeated by European and American competitive adversaries. Because Britain hasn’t joined Euro, there’s only little opportunity to contact Euro financial institutions. Whereas so many difficulties present, in the future, it’s possible way different countries’ financial institutions can work together in new type of operation, for example, in assets management, cash management, private bank and so on.