FMCG Market in Pakistan

In Pakistan and there are many players of global fame Like unlived, Nestle Pakistan, Colgate Pamphlet, PEPSI CO, Kraft Foods and well established local contributors for Instance, Tap Tea Pakistan Pit Ltd, Negro Foods, Seasons Canola Pakistan( Wall 011 Mills). The objective of this blob is to prepare a complete data of FMC trade nationwide which could help lot of new entrants and to provide useful information to make different sorts of strategies.

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There are major capital cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Manual. Being the big cities their portion in every Category/brand is always more than the others. The cities like Fusillades,appeaser, Granular and Gujarat, Quote etc are included in 2nd layer cities in this regard. There are many companies who has their business limited to the top cities only. According to a latest survey the total base of Lahore has now been Increased up to 28000 shops.

There Is International modern trade In the form of Hyperspace In retail and Macro Cash & Carry and Metro Cash & Carry as a Wholesale Chain stores. Beside this there are 250 Local Modern trade stores most important out of these stores are Alfalfa Store, Jackal Sons, HIKE, Ramee Store, Kabul Super Store, Victoria Store, Rainbow Cash & Carry and Decent Departmental Store. List of the important FMC Channels operating in Lahore is as following 1 .

International Modern Trade (MIT) 2. Local Modern Trade (ELM) 3. Chain System stores 4. Counter Stores 5. Wholesalers 6. Mobile Wholesalers 7. Petrolatum All these channels have different contributions In total sales volume which varies from product to product. There Is an Independent Importance of each channel In the eyes of the companies and they strive their best to take maximum share out of the total sales.

Confectionery Ghana is an improving market with hedge volume contributions in Fusillades region for big confectionery players like Catbird, LU, IBM, Hill, Candela, Mayfair. A careful estimates reveals that the total turnover of confectionery In Ghana city and Looking in depth further the Grassroots is contributing 25%. Perfect Van Melee is almost 2%. Biscuit: The biggest contributor in this confectionery market is the Biscuit with 60% of the total market share. IBM is the market leader with almost 25% share of the total biscuit market. Candies: