Four Characteristic of Good Customer Service

Four Characteristic of Good Customer Service Good customer service Is what every company strives for when you talk about customer service. But what Is really good customer service In general, honestly speaking. Today I would Like to share with you, what I think Is good customer service that I have come across in my everyday life. Now you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, in simple terms; its taking care of the customer through empathy. When I work on base as a mobile food driver for 75th Services Squadron, I took are of my customers by showing up on time to the scheduled stops.

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I helped address their needs and concerns about the food and quality to upper management. I also addressed concerned they had about rising cost and smaller portion for the price they were paying. In doing this I was ensuring that my customers’ needs were taken seriously and in a timely manner. I not only address their concerns, I personally involved myself In correcting the problems such readying a second truck to pick up where I ran out of food. Understanding their needs was one of my first concerns, next was addressing them In a timely manner.

Knowing that customers were unhappy, helped motivated me to look for other solutions such as asking what brands and types of food they want us to stock on the mobile trucks. My customers knew I genuinely cared about them, so I would personally get to the bottom of their problems at the same time keeping my word of being on time to each location. I knew in order to make them all happy I must do It in timely manner. So usually they had an answer within 24 hours and a permanent solution would be in place within that same week.

Keep in mind that I had over 15 stops with 20-45 customers at each stop for a grand total of up to 675 people serviced per day. Trying to keep everyone happy Is no easy chore, but I happily tried to make it happen. I knew If I could get quality food in place that my customers would be happier and less likely to complain about cost. So we put a suggestion box up and got very Important feedback about our menu Items, allowing us to make change that everyone anted.

We got rid of the items that nobody ever bought and stocked more items increase our sales by 20% overall, and customer complaint were down by 50%. So listening to our customers’ needs paid off in the long run which increase our profit margin while still supplying a needed service. In addition the look on the customers face when they see the changes they asked for were actually listened too and implemented was priceless. So in conclusion I told you about how I responded the customers’ needs and encores about the food we carried on the mobile trucks.

Next I discuss how I did it in a timely manner ensuring that their opinion or concern was heard by upper management. Then I made sure that I accurately portrait their problem while actively looking for a solution. Lastly how I ensure that quality was number one on our agenda ensure that our customer came first through listening to their problems and solutions. All in all I loved helping others and interacting with them made me feel like I was part off team.