Games Marketing

They really have used the marketing concept. It is obvious that the social and economic justification for Gameness’s existence Is satisfying the customer’s wants. The pieces Games rent are fun and each has it’s own characteristics. Their product is an experience guided by the theme/piece the customer would like to rent. My favorite piece is the life size robot you get into and control. It is 7 feet tall and you use Joystick controls to move It around. It changes your voice with a voice synthesizer so you can talk with a robot voice. It also gives you the control of a fog machine that pours out fog all around the About.

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Some of the Bots have tennis ball launchers as arms. The one on Shark Tank had the launchers and it was even fun to watch. The bots have to be one of Gameness stars because It Is a fast-growing market leader. This Is definitely something most males would love to experience making customer satisfaction high on the organization’s goals. Another piece you can make part of your experience is human hamster balls. People get into large double inflated balls, run around In, and get bounced around. This has to be a star also, Rachel Ray even got into one.

Gamesman has video games and a ID Theater. My husband and boys dream of these huge screens, multi-player game play with surround sound, laser light effects and fog machines. I believe these experiences are either a problem child making me question if these venues are cash cows because it is the market leader or a problem child because there are many things you can buy for your home gaming system. The foam machine party looks like a kiddies pool that has a large circumference. The one side pours foam into the kiddies pool, everyone gets in, and plays in the foam.

I deduct from the information provided that this is also one of their stars for the party atmosphere. The booger wars are an ingenious way to do a variation of dodge ball. You pick “boogers” which are fluorescent green bean bags and throw them at your opponent. If the bean bags stick to you opponents Velour vest they are out. The game booger wars would be a great team type star. Both the U:launcher and Laser Tag are group games. U: launcher is water-balloon launching by team. I believe that both U:launcher and Laser Tag would be in the dog category, because they have low growth potential and a small market share.

The heavy competition and large availability of home versions create a low market share in a high growth industry. It is possible that U:launcher and Laser Tag would be divested or cancelled of over time. The Gyroscope twirls you around Just like at the fair. It has high visibility and recognition. I believe this would make it a cash cow generating more cash than it needs to maintain because it is so recognized. Gamesman have some up sell items including photo booths, candy cannons, and satellite TV. The pieces they rent sell an experience, which creates repeat customers. Gameness’s strategic planning is diversification.

Mobile Entertainment is a bran new idea and they are implementing it into a market that did not exist before. The Marketing Opportunity Analysis is difficult because there are not benchmarks to refer to. One of the reasons they have been written up in Fortune, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, Inc. , and the Wall Street Journal is because Gamesman is new and upcoming industry. Gamesman has the potential to be on top of the Mobile Entertainment Industry. As I started studying the four As of business in relevance to Games, and I had trouble finding how much it would cost to have Games come.

The web site does to have any pricing at all, so I called their corporate headquarters and spoke with the marketing division. It fascinated me that the corporate office does not set the pricing the franchises do. They do have price structures that guide the franchisee with one and a half hour, two hour, and three hour increments, and then by how many pieces you would like to use at your party. The average for an hour and a half with one piece is three hundred twenty nine dollars, but in Mississippi it is very depressed and the marketing woman told me the same hour and a half is only two hundred fifty dollars.

So Games has different pricing strategies for the demographics of each area. The target income level is fifty thousand or more which is low for such a showy venue. Pricing to an area is a smart marketing strategy. Although the web site describes their target market “seven years and up,” EGGS (2013,) this is not the whole case. The marketing department told me that their target market is really families with kids ages seven to fourteen. Most of their clients are male, although a third or less are female.

They do advertise as an event for kid’s parties, school fundraisers, teen parties, church fundraisers, charity events, radiation parties, festivals, carnivals, summer camps, community events, company and corporate team building. Gameness’s main competitors are roller skating rinks, bounce houses, laser tag businesses and arcades like Dave. These are established brick and mortar places where the target market has been for generations. This target market is Generation X, they expect things to be mobile and now. L. , Hair, & McDaniel, . (2013).

Gamesman marketing has an extensive array of advertising, marketing, and street promotions. Much of their marketing techniques are listed in the franchise section inline. One thing that really stands out is the Gamesman over-sized, highly visible, fully branded trucks and game theaters. Their online promotions include websites like faceable, twitter, vivo, and Youth. The vivo videos are interesting and have rock music behind them targeting active males. GU. Com and games. Com are promoted to franchisees as “easily remembered website addresses which come with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. EGGS (2013,) This tells you a lot about the ways they currently promote the Gamesman brand. The franchisee also test “high-end marketing materials” which are tangible items that include flyers, posters, door hangers, direct mailer, rack cards for the franchisee to implement locally. EGGS (2013,) Gamesman promotions are attempting to hit psychological and social needs. There is strong social pressure to have a great party for your child/ teen. It often goes with parents need to be great parent. The psychology of fun hits the kid in all of us. In a S. W. O. T. Analysis I realized many thing about Games.

The one thing that was a strength and a weakness was the mobility. Strength because Gamesman can mom to you, yet this one of their biggest weakness’ because of weather, no building. Their other strengths include morally responsible to safety(even if you a playing with the water balloon launcher you have to wear safety goggles), little overhead, new market with national attention, quick and inexpensive franchise start up, attention and prestige to have a party, no inventories, limited number of employees needed, training and expertise that comes with a large corporation, commercial potential, national branding awareness.

The weakness’ I see are space, weather, not a Monday hrs Friday venture, and competing with brick and mortar venues. Would this work in WINY? Maybe eight months a year, if you bought a big party tent and secured it so robots and kids could not tip it over. Gamesman has tremendous opportunity. Mobile Entertainment is a bran new industry, and they are currently the leader. There are threats to Games. The marketing girl told me there are others doing the same thing in some of the markets they are in. The brick and mortar competition is a threat, and if they choose to diversify could definitely put a dent in this market. The S. W.