Global Cybersecurity Industry Analysis and Forecast

Similarly countries in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America are also expected to ramp up spending on cyber security during the forecast period. Get a detailed report at http://neurotransmitter. Com/the-global-cybernetics- market-2013-2023/ . (You can place the order by fax also) Key Market Issues ; It is very important for cyber security providers to identify the source of mallard so that similar patterns can be tracked and observed for flaws, and a proper response to the attack can be delivered without causing undue inconvenience to the entire cyberspace community.

This challenge stems from the fact that the cyber security institutional CEO-system which consists of a broad set of international, national, and private organizations has unclear and overlapping boundaries. ; Cyber weapons are in their infancy and are expected to rapidly evolve over the next decade. Therefore, nations are currently dedicating increasing resources at the executive policy level as well as at the private sector level, in order to deal with complex cyber threats.

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These resources have been well utilized as is evident from the innovations in cyber defense technologies, but as these mechanisms become commercially available and their mode of operation is scrutinized, attackers will develop more advanced cyber weapon technologies to deal with advanced defenses. Key Highlights At the cyber-security world summit held in 2010, security experts raised credible issues such as crashing power grids, stalled air control towers, hospital infrastructure being rendered useless, and national defenses being susceptible to outside attack.

New technologies such as cloud computing, social networking, and the proliferation f mobile devices have also resulted in an increase of cyber attacks. The governments of the I-J, the US, France, Belgium, Germany, and India have stated that their systems and networks were infiltrated by criminal networks. Such incidents are expected to augment a sustainable demand for cyber security over the forecast period ; The militaries of most countries have always enjoyed a certain degree of autonomy, but they are not immune from the economic uncertainties that face governments.

With budget cuts being implemented, many countries are looking to Handel their resources towards certain areas of military spending. For example the US is looking to phase out tanks and other major weapons programs and divert its spending towards IT and cyber security programs. Explore thousands of market research reports on any other business research / market intelligence need on the “Public Sector” market http:// Contact [email protected] Com with subject line “The Global Cybernetics Market 2013-2023” and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered. OR Call +1 888 391 5441.