Global Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Market

MAMA extruded sheets alone accounted for over 55% of global market volumes In 2012. Extruded MAMA sheets find wide applications in numerous industries Including electronics. Signs and display. Construction and automobiles among others. Owing to its new found use in coatings and emulsions market, MAMA beads (powder) form Is expected to be the fastest growing market. At an estimated CRAG of 7% from 201 3 to 2020.

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Cell cast sheet and blocks is another MAMA form widely used for construction activities owing to its impact strength and weather resistance. Further Key findings from the study suggest: Global MAMA market volume is expected to reach 2. 5 million tons by 2020, growing at a CRAG of 6. 1% from 2013 to 2020 Signs and display applications emerged as the largest market for MAMA, with over 35% of global volumes in 2012.

The electronics Industry, Including flat display screens, Is expected to be the fastest growing application market for MAMA at an estimated CRAG of 7. 7% over the next sierras. In addition. Broadening application of MAMA In other end use industries such as furniture and interiors, sanitary ware, fashion and apparel among others, is expected to boost Its consumption over the next six years Asia Pacific dominated the MAMA market, accounting for over 65% of the global 1 OFF be the fastest growing market for MAMA, at an estimated CRAG of 7. % from 2013 to 2020. Europe is expected to witness moderate growth rate in the near future, while Middle East and Africa and Central and South America are expected to show above average growth for MAMA demand Growth of electronics industry, mainly in Taiwan, South Korea and China is expected to boost the demand for MAMA over the next six years.

Asia Pacific is considered to be the most attractive market, with relaxed isolations and cheap availability of labor and technology. Increased production of LED flat panels and Eldest has given a boost to MAMA demand in recent years, a trend which is expected to continue over the forecast period Request Sample of this Report @ http://www. Schwarzenegger. Com/request/202 The global market for MAMA is highly consolidated and dominated by top multinational corporations.