Guideline on Handling Customer

Customer Difficulties and Complaints Banking or any other business needs customer as first mall requirement to achieve success. ‘No customer means No business. ‘ Customers are always right. When we are in business we make mistakes which will result in problems or complaints. These complaints are somehow good for business because they tell us what we do wrong and what our weakness is. First of all, customer feedback can help to avoid complaints.

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In order to get their feedbacks, we need to do the things as following: Ask new customers what attracts them to Join our bank. * Give current customers feedback forms, online surveys, phone calls, focus groups etc. To check the satisfaction percentage. * Analyze the customer survey and find out if there is any potential customer difficulty and resolve it as soon as possible. * List the existed difficulties and complaints and compare different solutions in order to find the most effective resolution. * Train staff to receive customer feedback from their behaviors. Record all complaints and review them weekly, fortnightly. Quick solutions In our bank, following is the policy to take care of customer complaints: * Greet customer * Don’t let them wait for too long to be attended. * Be a good listener. * Try to get familiar with them. * Make them feel comfortable. * Try to get details of the problem. * Try to calm them down, if they are angry. * Try to find when and where the problem gets started. * Take a note of the reason of complaint * Explain politely. * Give appropriate options * While their waiting, offer complementary beverage. Give quick solution * Do apology for the inconvenience Ask if there is anything else you can do for them. * Give your business card for any further Information and better relation. Them for coming. Procedure: * Thank * Attend customer as soon as possible with greetings. Don’t let them wait in a queue for long. * Listen to them carefully and make special notes for Important feel that you know them and care about them. * If they are angry, try to calm them down by using paraphrasing and show sympathy. * Get more detailed information about problem in order to know it properly. Try to find if it is the only problem the customer having or it leads to any other problem. * Try to find out if there is any other group of people having the same problem. Maybe this is common in specific age group, special people or a problem in special arrangements. * Find more reasons of problem * Explain to customer politely * Give all available options to customer * Try to fix the problem as soon as possible. * Try to make better relation with customer by offering them your business card or telling them other service and products which may help them to fulfill their needs.

Thank them for being patient and for waiting. When we handle customer’s complaints, we can use L. E. A. R. N. It uses five simple steps: * L- Listen carefully. Bea good listener and listen everything properly. Don’t interrupt and don’t argue with them otherwise we would make them angrier. As I mentioned earlier, customer is always right. * E- Empathic- Try to learn the details as much as we can, which helps us to understand customer’s problem better. Feel their situation; try to tell them you totally understand their situation.

Apologize- Apologize to the customer and try to show them that you can feel their pain and you are a part of it. * R- React- Quickly decide what the best solution for the situation is and tell customer all the possible options they can have in a very polity method. * N- Now- Quickly action. Do it now, as quickly as you can . Don’t let customer wait for you. The last but not the least, you should always appreciate customer’s help and patience. References: 1)wry. Psychotherapeutics. Com 2) Example from the class