Guidelines for Self-Development of Leadership Skills

Guidelines for Self-Development of Leadership Skills Learn from Mistakes We shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Sometimes, we hesitate to act because we don’t want to make mistake and look stupid. However, we should know that making a mistake, admit it and learn from it is one of the way for self-development. For example, review meeting is done for all the project being carried out in my company. The session involved the engineering division, commissioning division and the project management team. All representative shall discuss the problem they faced in executing the project and lesson learned from it.

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The mistake done and lesson learned will be recorded down for future reference. Seek Appropriate Mentors Mentors Is someone that be able to teach us and advise us when we need some guidance. My mentor In the company Is my project manager who works with me together In most of the project. He Is a good role model and a good listener. We have a lot of different In handling things, but I believed that I can learn from his strength which I don’t have. We share our own problem and have frequent discussion on the est.. Way to handle thing.

Seek Challenging Development Assignment Involvement in challenging assignment ensure that we always well prepared in term of mentality and not get shocked when we need to face challenger and react effectively and efficiently. Always requested to get involved in the task that I’m have no experience in. I believed it help me gain more knowledge and expose to more challenges. Use Social Networks to Learn about Development Opportunities I always feel interested to listen to other people when they are sharing their experience.

I observed how my colleague expressed themselves in certain situation and try to put myself into their shoes. I communicate with all level in the hierarchy include my boss, my colleague from the same level or my subordinate we I delegate task to. Learn to View Events from Multiple Perspectives My boss always mentioned that turning an engineer to a project manager is a very difficult task. An engineer tends to think in a narrow way especially for technical concern. I faced the same problem, which I think sometimes myself being too specialized.

To cope with this problem, I decided to take MBA which Is more generalized and It helps me to view events from a multiple perspectives. I have my own quote saying that when a solution to a problem seems easy, it means that it is a bomb that hasn’t explode. When I observed that a project run smoothly without any problem, I start to feel worried. I was taught by my supervisor that there no project execution without problem. Only depends on ourselves when we manage to dig out the problem and this is where risk management play an important role.