Healthcare Customer Service Chapter

Service breakdown is the term for situations when customers have expectations of a certain type or level of product or service that are not met by a service provider. What causes customers to become dissatisfied when a product or service falls to meet what the customer wants or needs or does not live up to advertised promises or standards. The tactics you can use to deal with angry customers are be positive, acknowledge the customer’s feelings or anger, reassure, remain objective, listen actively; determine the cause, reduce frustrations, negotiate a solution, and conduct a follow-up.

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To assist Indecisive people In coming too decision, you can be patient, ask open-end questions, listen actively, suggest other options, and gulled decision making. Some customers might feel they have to demand things from others because It’s part of their personality style, behavior that they have learned, a reaction to past customer service encounters, or a reaction to an expectation that the customer now has about what should or should not occur.

They may feel a need to be or stay in control, especially if he or she has felt out of control in the past. Often, such people are insecure or have a behavioral style that lends itself to wanting to be in control or to “win. ” You can effectively deal with rude or inconsiderate customers by remaining professional and not resorting to retaliation. Some strategies for refocusing a talkative customers are remaining warm and cordial, but focused; asking specific open-end questions; using closed-end questions to control; and managing the conversation.

Some strategies for preventing customer dissatisfaction are think like the customer, pamper the customer, respect the customer, and exceed expectations. The emotion-reducing model works by the employee greeting the customer with a customer-focused message. Then, the customer will state their emotional issue. The employee should then respond to the emotional issue with a customer focused message. Next, the problem should be defined and resolved. The interaction should end with the employee giving one last customer-focused message.

Customers defect cause they feel that their needs or wants are not met, they encounter breakdown In customer service, or poor quality products. Some strategies you can use to build strong relationships with co-workers are stay connected, meet all commitments, don’t sit on your emotions, build a professional reputation, and adopt good-neighbor policy. The strategies for effective problem solving are identifying the problem, compiling and analyzing the data, Identifying the alternatives, evaluating the alternatives, making a decision, and monitoring the results.

Service recovery refers to the actions a service provider takes In response to service failure. By Including also customer satisfaction into the definition, service recovery Is a thought-out, planned, process of returning aggrieved/deathlessly customers to a state of satisfaction with a company/service. Service recovery Is needed when something goes wrong; when there Is a mistake made and the customer needs to be returned to a satisfied state. The best you can hope for when something goes wrong Is that you can Identify the