Hexa Decimal Corporation

Employees did not want to participate In the training although forced to attend. In the beginning of the groups development, the members and Coolant were meeting once a week, relaying quality data and information up to the president for situational awareness and feedback. Coolant became less Involved with the ODD group during his absences while traveling abroad for business trips. He did not appoint the group with a leader/manager, because of this, some members of the group are unhappy with the current situations.

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Some members feel as though there is favoritism with those allowed or some have easier access to speak to Coolant without appointments (I. E. Lunch or coffee meetings). These hostilities could have been avoided If Coolant appointed a leader or even perhaps one speaker, over the group. An advantage of having one speaker for the group is that this one individual can make appointments with Coolant and relay crucial information up and down to the group members. B.

Micro When the Hexadecimal Company’s newly developed ODD group started training the company on managerial style and changes, employees were not happy with the group or having to sit through the training. Upon evaluating the ODD groups training program, the first conflict arose regarding when to confront members with data and approach the issues with a more direct approach versus… Affected Since the ODD program will be placed under the human resources department , the members will have to report to Paul Blake now , instead of being able to directly report to Coolant . The group members experienced a rift brought about by the new structure and line of authority , with Kay and Pete even considering on resigning from their posts Overhead costs assigned to the ODD program would now be controlled by the executive committee A central contact person (India ) as suggested by the committee would be the only one now to be permitted to contact Coolant The alls of the ODD program would now have to be subjected under the scrutiny of the human resources department , for purposes of evaluating the budget requirements of the goals which should fit with the budget of the firm Alternatives Follow all of the committee ‘s recommendations and get on with the program under 1 OFF for people for the ODD program who are compatible with the culture of the Hexadecimal Company Follow some of the committee ‘s recommendations save for designating a central contact person , and still allow all ODD group members to contact Coolant directly Stop the ODD program altogether and look for another way to alp the company achieve organizational excellence Recommendations As Brown and Harvey (2005 ) asserted , organizational development should focus on individual , group and organization behavior , and this is a recommended move for the firm .

Following all of the committee ‘s recommendations and getting on with the program under the Jurisdiction of the human resources department would be advantageous , although this time the focus should be wide-ranging The ODD program is a pretty good place to start aiding the company in achieving the organizational excellence , although the culture of the organization entails that the program take a slower and more gradual approach to change within the organization Managing effective change requires that it is planned rather than emergent (Randall , 2004 . This should be the case with Hexadecimal given the ODD program ‘s initial reception from the organization . It should be a systematically proactive way of coping with business developments WORKS CITED Brown , D Harvey , D (2005 . An Experiential Approach to Organization Development (7th Deed . Upper Saddle River , New Jersey : Prentice Hall Randall , J (2004 . Managing Change , Changing Managers . New York Rutledge Hexadecimal Company Analysis PAGE 3… The Hexadecimal Company Name 1 . Problems A. Macro Lack of appropriate leadership skills. Also, there was lack cooperation among the members of the ODD group.

The training activities lacked integration and coordination. The members of the ODD group were divided in ideas I. E. Had division of thoughts. Members of the ODD group had little respect of the president Coolant. II. Causes Coolant caused problems among the ODD group. When Bill and Peter wanted to explain to him about their ideas on the program, he was unavailable. He didn’t portray the appropriate leadership skills. He didn’t take the ODD program seriously because when Kay and India wanted to speak to him he would be available but on matters concerning the ODD program, he was not available. Lack of cooperation among the members of the ODD group was a great problem. It was caused by having different ideas.

Kay and India wanted an approach that is gradual while the rest wanted an aggressive approach. Lack of integration and coordination problem was caused by lack of a leader among the group members. Lack of respect for Coolant by the ODD roof members was a great problem. The members started to see less of him. The Therefore, ODD group members started to belittle him (McLean, 2005). Ill Systems affected The ODD program focused on the effort to increase the whole organization’s viability ninja effectiveness. Therefore, it deals with the whole system. The systems that were affected by the problems include employees, products values, cliques, values and norms.

The employees were affected because they would not be able to have effective communication and the appropriate leadership style (McLean, 2005). ‘V. Alternatives The alternatives include placing the ODD group in the department of human resources for the purposes of budgeting. Also, the ODD group should appoint a leader. Instead of contacting Coolant directly, their leader will their spokesman’s. This will improve the relationship among the group members and also with the president (Retell & starves, 2009) V. Recommendations The ODD group should have unified commitment. They should not have divided thoughts in order for them to achieve their goals.