Hocheng Philippines Corporation Has Been Well-Known

Back up plan should be established to at least avoid delay in production. Safety In workplace Is essential and should not be neglected by the management. There Is a Violation Receipt which is intended for strict compliance with the rules regarding proper attire for safety. Someone noticed to be in violation will be reprimanded. Though, while exploring all the sides of the plant, I saw employees not in their uniforms, only wearing shorts and are topless which maybe is permissible to the management since these specific employees are under casting process.

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On the other hand, I noticed that there are a lot of ceiling fans that help In fast drying of the clays molded/ceramics that make much of the dust spread In alarm around the place which requires wearing of masks whenever in the workplace, but none of them wears one. This could be a huge risk in their health. The company must provide a strong policy regarding the implementation of wearing mask every time they are exposed to dust, come up with an excellent way to oblige employees in obeying with the plant instructions for worker protection and inform them about the hazards.

Furthermore, there Is only a little supervision from the management to Its employees In actual testing of the outputs. One of them disclosed that before packing, testing the ‘flush’ should be made, but this is sometimes made randomly, and not for the entire units. There should be someone responsible for ensuring that all products went under testing and that all the employees are doing their jobs, most especially for those employees sleeping during lunch breaks. Someone must be roaming around, to heck If none of them does that during work hours.

GARDENIA Good thing about the production process Is that It Is well automated which nameless human Intervention and speeds up the process. But Its huge reliance to machines results to possible delay in production if even just one part of it fails to function properly. If the machine crashes or experiences some technical problems, the production will be in halt. Thus, back up equipment or plan should be prepared by the management in case this happens. Sanitation and freshness were well- their consumers.

As a matter of fact, it was shown in the video that the pans used in baking are regularly and intensively cleaned and how these are cleaned but none was indicated about cleaning the machines used. Dough is not only placed on the pans, these also touch other parts of equipment before reaching the packaging section. It is impossible that these machines will never be subject to dirt, even if it is in a closed area. Therefore, they should find a way to maintain these machines sanitized, cleaning them regularly as possible without affecting the time allotted for the production.

Upon observing in a short span of time, though in a limited view, a huge bulk of dough came into my attention. It was at the floor. I have no idea regarding the plan for that filthy dough but most probably, it is not going near our mouth. Hence, it should be segregated to a separate container, clearly emphasizing that it is no longer to be used for production to ensure that confusion will be avoided and that there is no chance of accidentally including it to clean ones. Strength Hocking Philippines Corporation has been well-known for their finest creations of o be their main priority.

As what one of the employees said, “We do not let our product even with Just a small slight crack reach our customers. ” In fact, all processes have TIC (Total Quality Control). There is CA (Quality Assurance) every month, like an auditing to randomly check if quality requirements are met to have quality- products. It serves as systematic requirement, a comparison with a standard. In addition to this, every certain period, there is four-hour training for skills development of the current employees. Kanata System is implemented in the company.

It is a scheduling system for lean and KIT Oust-in-time) production, which has been proven to be a great way for improvement in the entire production. And, there is automation in maintaining/ monitoring inventory. To simplify and speed up in updating the inventory level, the company uses barded. However, for those items that are broken or defective, updating in inventory system is done manually and it is handled by three people, eliminating the possibility of having false information regarding these outputs. HUG uses Proximity scan (through ID) in entering the plant.

This improves efficiency and reduces the possibility of deception. Furthermore, check list of materials to be used for casting is prepared by an immediate supervisor and if the materials prepared are found out to be insufficient, the employees themselves will approach a person in charge to have material requisition. Also, there is move ticket to authorize every time there will be transferring of materials. Almost stages in the whole system require documentation. Even for those items that are to be disposed, are being accompanied by appropriate records which help in audit trail purposes.