Hospitality Industry

Origin of hospitality industry A ‘hotel’ or ‘inn’ is defined by the British law as ‘the place where a Boniface traveler can receive food and shelter provided he is in a position to pay for it and is in a fit condition to be received’. Hence a hotel must provide food and lodging to a traveler on payment and has, in turn, the right to refuse if the traveler is drunk, disorderly or is not in a position to pay for the services. Early travelers were either warriors, traders or people in search of knowledge.

This was before the advent of hotels. Thus, warriors and conquerors pitched their tents or hospitality and sometimes traded their merchandise for lodging. Origin of hospitality industry in DRP The first visitors who trod this earth were Columbus and his companions on their first TN rip to America, where the taints provided them with food and lodging, so begins what is formally the Tourism in America and also begins the history of tourism in the country.

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Trujillo Era all those years, tourism in the country was given very slowly until 1930, when Rafael Leonia Trujillo took power, tourism in the country begins to take another direction, but during that 1930 was pretty weak, although is known that in 1930 the country cached 230 foreign tourists. In 1944 was inaugurated the Malone of Santos Domingo, with the first luxury hotel in the city, the Jaguar Hotel, which still stands.

After this step, they were opening new hotel chains, with clear profile increase tourism in the city, so later several hotels were opened, some of these were.. The colonial zone opened for tourist and build hotel Then, around the country started to build hotels from this period, in which several travel agencies and resorts are built, starting a before and after in the Dominican tourism history, Hospitality Industry By Rene_UK