How Personal Development and Study Methods

If it would have been an easy task, quite a number of people would have become successful in their careers by now but this isn’t the case, as Benjamin Franklin has rightly put “no pain no gain”. In personal development training I have to overcome my anger, arrogance and negative attitudes. Below are the sub headings which come under personal development. Self esteem Is how the person values himself or how they estimate their self-worth. Everyone should believe in themselves. Now days people are having low self-esteem Just because they have lost hope and self confidence in themselves ND there Is no one to guide them.

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PADS Is the only module which emphasizes on personal development. In the future It might happen that everything I do may turn into a disaster for me and due to that I will become a low self esteem person. After that I will lose my confidence in me and in everything. Whatever I will think and would plan may turn into a mess. It will seem like everything which I would try to do may go wrong but then I have to think about how can I change myself and try to build high self esteem. Then I have to realize that everything happens for a reason and to overcome every wrong reaction I have to start thinking positive.

This will help to build high self esteem in me. I have to think about my past success which will motivate me to do the best in the near future. PADS will help me In becoming a better person which I want to be In the future. Coming across such an experience In life would help me to become a high self esteemed student. I hope that with the help of high self esteem I will be able to work on the right track without any hindrance. taught me the benefits of being an early riser. I decided that I will start sleeping only hen I feel sleepy the best thing I will do before sleeping would be to read a magazine or a newspaper.

This way I will get to know when I m tired and I can’t stay awake anymore. So that time the capacity of my work will increase dramatically. I know that at the beginning of this daily routine my body will not adapt to the new routine, this will happen to you as well but eventually you will get used to it and then you will have a good feeling the whole day. As soon as I become an early riser, I would see that my whole day will be blessed with good health and discipline. Becoming an early riser will also help me in setting an example for my children and they will live what they are taught.

I will have more time for my hobbies for example: If I am a good writer, morning time is the best time to write as my mind will be fresh and by seeing the beauty of nature, new and innovative ideas will come in mind. Procrastination is the habit of delaying task. As Don Marquis quoted “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday’. For example, if I feel pressure of the increasing number of assignments and then I am worried about how o finish them, this will increase my stress level and then I won’t be able to finish it productively.

As soon as I develop the skill to avoid procrastination, I will be able to finish my task on time which will lead to my teachers and elder’s satisfaction. Finishing task on time means taking a step forward towards time management skills. No matter whatever I try, if I am not able to avoid procrastination I won’t be able to manage my time. This means I will be lacking time management skills. In addition, I can never become an early riser If I don’t develop the technique to avoid ratiocination, This is because, no matter how sleepy or tired I am, I won’t be able to sleep as my tasks would be pending.

It is the one of the most important factor in becoming a successful person and building up a character. Before getting into this module I really didn’t knew how to manage the over with my work on time, I have to manage my time properly. As Benjamin Franklin quoted “Time lost is never found again. ” The advantages of time management are that it will improve my effectiveness and my overall life. I will get the best out of my time. It will affect me in making plans, before I used to think that planning takes time UT the reality is that not planning takes more time.

I will allocate my time in the most effective manner and can get the maximum output of it. Good time management will give me enough confidence. This is because I will get back control of my life. It will save my large block of time and I will be able to divide it into smaller blocks where I can get the best out of it. Managing time will also give me a good feeling, now my each and every work will be done on time which will reduce my frustration and my overall body stress. MIND MAPPING It is also the one of the important factor in developing study methods ND building your character.

A mind map is a tool or a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks etc. I will use mind mapping to take notes of the important tasks which I have to perform in an order. I will use it for brain storming because mind maps have information in such a way that it is easy to understand and remember. To do something in the near future everyone have their own way to make plans and how the work needs to be done. The way I will plan on about doing my work is that I will create a mind map of the certain task which needs to be done in order to perform it smoothly.

Mind maps will make my life very easy as I would use it for planning, hence saving my time. Moreover, I can also use mind maps for presentation, learning, and meetings. Mind maps are used to enhance the power to recall the ideas quickly. It boosts thinking powers which will unleash the ideas which are hidden deep inside my brain. I will easily memorize what I want rather than taking down notes of each and everything. Mind Maps are easily drawn, I Just have to put the main topic in the centre and related sub-topic are connected to it and then these sub-topic can be divided into different categories.