HR Industry

Five Challenges HRS Consulting ; Players: the big four, specialized HRS consulting Macs SAME four MACS, HRS Industry By Chitchat-Begat ; Service Offerings: Human capital management; Health and benefits, including retrial strategy and administration; People angle of ramification, mergers and acquisitions; Feedback and communication (designing and implementing surveys) – Data services (salary, rewards benchmarking, Job description) ; Data services currently are more than 50% of larger firms’ y revenues ; Scope for future growth – integrated talent management and leadership development Recruiting & Staffing Players: search, selection and placement companies, Job portals, temporary staffing, RAPS, y p g, relocation firms, testing and assessment tools, applicant tracking technologies, background verification services which position themselves as consulting firms. Hiring at this level foresees a healthy and welcome trend, as the market for talent becomes global and as many firms acquire domain focus Middle management hiring – contingent – clients pay only when the candidates Join their organization. This space is also dominated by Macs along with some large Indian players. Entry level selection & placement services – has many small players that specialize in a location or industry. Consolidation will increase as firms look at managing low margin business through volumes.

Middle and lower hiring has the biggest growth opportunities as more organization look at reducing cost and time-to- hire’ via RPR. Jobless/ J b it/ portals. SST t I Strong competition and pricing pressures I HTH space as dif tit did in this differentiation I it it is based less on product offering and more on establishing scale & brand dominance. Learning & Development ; Data on the size of this segment in India is not readily available ; High number of players ; Service offerings – Technical Functional Behavioral and leadership training a-schools offering executive level training training. ; Technology enabled learning will reach large numbers and y will be easy to customize. Will witness fast growth, as companies begin to look at raining as an investment to improve productivity. HRS Technology ; Includes all technology service providers from end-to-end HRS go products, to niche products for recruitment or payroll management or e-learning, to workforce analytics tools. ; This industry is moving rapidly as a result of demand for integrated support solutions by Indian firms. ; Indian firms (Seems and large organizations) mirror global organizations in the way HRS technology procurement is led by HRS and supported by the internal technology team. ; The IT team checks and validates issues like security, performance, disaster covers while HRS assesses the functional capability.

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