Human development

The purpose of this paper Is to think of a particular time In my childhood and apply Brotherliness’s five systems to that particular time. Nun Brotherliness’s ecological theory in child development suggest that five levels of the environment simultaneously influences us as children. Frontbencher believes that we cannot fully understand the phenomenon of continuity and bio-psychological characteristics of a child without considering how we are influence by each level of our environment.

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The 5 levels he mentions are, Microsystems, Microsystems, Ecosystem, Microsystems and Chronometers (Feldman 2011). I grew up on the Island of Montmartre which Is a British territory, where the environment helped shape who I am today, I moved to the united states when I was 13 years old, where I realized that life there was much different than what I was accustom to, for I no longer had the support from the community and family members I had grown so accustomed to.

This is why I found Brotherliness’s biological approach so interesting because it reminded me Just how much I had lost and how much I had achieved. The particular time period In my childhood that I would Like to discuss In this essay Is when I was about 10 years old. I chose this time period due to the fact that this was a time when life changed for my family and me in more ways than one, in some ways positive but in many ways negative. The most serious impact on my life occurred at the age of 10 years old, which I will be discussing in detail further on in this essay.

According to my reading the Microsystems is defined as the everyday immediate environment In which we lead our lives. (Feldman 2011). In my case the Immediate environment at that time were my friends. Teachers, brothers. And the community. They were part of the long-term immediate environment in which I placed my trust, other temporary Microsystems that came and went are athletic clubs, boy scouts, and church, through those Microsystems I got a chance to build relationships, built various skills, and I also learned how to socialize through personal experience.

At about age 10 1 developed a love for track and field and went on to win numerous medals In school which Is a personal success story of mine. In this period In time I could remember my family was close, but at the same time, having regular arguments and fights, I thought thing of it at the time, for I would join the arguments to defend my mother in particular. I didn’t have a father in my life so my mother was the one that took care of me, not having a father in the picture was not a good experience for me, I think this is why I was so close with my mother.

My brothers I could remember were always there willing to teach what they knew, there were times when I wanted to be Like my older brothers, I was younger than they were but we would socialize Like we were friends we, had a good relationship, through my brothers I learned how to act in school, all of those social interactions were crucial to my development. My family had the same problems like every other family but I felt protected surrounded by them. My mother and grandfather were always arguing, I would try to defend my mother of course.

At age 10 1 could remember going to school, I was already tough because of what I learned from my brothers, I got In all sorts of fights with the other students but around. The teachers in the school were strict, they were allowed to use corporal punishment, so I would often get punished for not doing homework, fighting, and arioso other reasons. My peers at the time from what I could remember were tough. My community I would describe as been close, the community demanded respect, I could not pass someone without saying good day or good morning or I would be punished.

The Microsystems refers to all the settings in which a child personally interacts and is influenced, so in my case my Microsystems are family, athletic clubs, and children in the community. All of those personal social interactions are what influenced me at the time, and which, makes up one of the 4 system of Brotherliness’s which is the Microsystems. According to the reading the Microsystems provides connections between various aspects of the Microsystems, the Microsystems binds children to parents, students to teacher and friends to friends (Feldman 2011).

When two Microsystems come together, they form a Microsystems, most time a unique and positive experience is created, but other times you have confusion and stress on the child. My mother had minimal interactions with my peers but when my peers would come to my house she would interact with them, she had different rules in the house so there were often confusion, for example no eating n the living room, and no swearing in the house, this was due to the fact that two Microsystems came together creating a rift between acceptable behavior.

She was very involved in my school affairs, she knew most of the teachers personally so she interacted with them on a regular basis, I would go as far as to say she was friends with a lot of the teachers at the school, all of the teachers were from the community, I couldn’t hide exam results, or if I failed to do my homework the teachers knew her personally so they would call her. By bringing teacher and my parent together a ecosystem was created, the interaction between my parent and teacher showed me that they were interested in how well I was doing in school and was united in making sure I did my best.

My mother was particularly strict and persistent when it came to me doing my homework, she would stay up all night if she had to, to help me with my homework and if I didn’t do my homework and she found out I would be punished. I was involved in athletics throughout my school life and the community would be there to cheer on the children, so they were very engaged in our sports activities, because the community was small everyone knew each other personally from searchers, members of the community and friends, we all had a type of bond linking us together, if one person died we would all feel it.

I would say that the Microsystems had a positive influence on me because it provide me the social support and consistency in practically every activity I took part in at that time. If I am correct my ethnic heritage is afro-Caribbean, am affiliated with the Christian church. At 10 years old I was not too familiar with what was going on in the rest of the world, there were murmurs of war overseas, but I was only 10 it didn’t register to me or mean anything to me at the time.

At that time I was influence by the Christian religion and the church, for my mother was adamant about us going to church every Sunday. According to the reading the macro system represents the larger cultural influences on an individual for example society, types of government, religious and political value system and other broad, encompassing factors are part of the macro system religious beliefs, or political views which are part of the macro system.

According to my reading the Ecosystem represent broader influence, encompassing social institution such as local governments, the community, schools, places of worship and he local media (Feldman, 2011). My mother was the secretary of the secondary school on the island, I do not think I took any vacation at that age, my mother was a single parent and was never married, and there was no father in the picture.

I could remember when my mother my went away for a long time and I had to stay with friends and relatives, I had to live under a set of different rules I felt that the love that I had from family around me no longer existed, things changed for that time period I didn’t have my peers, or teachers around, this created confusion and I became assistant. I would say the single historical event that effected my development at that time was the volcanic eruption that destroyed my island.

When the volcano erupted everything changed, my school life was over, a lot of the influential people left the island, and my school was transformed into a shelter, so I was forced to leave for the United States. According to my reading the chronometers involves the way the passage of time historical events affect one’s development (Feldman 2014). Due to the eruption I had to live under different rules, go to a new in school, find new friends ND live in the new household, I became a different person due to that event.

I didn’t achieve much in life after that, things that I was interested in such as track and field were no longer important. I would also say that because I didn’t have a father in the picture at that age, that socio-historical circumstance had an impact on me, and because of that I have made it my mission to be the best father I could be which is a positive aspect of the chronometers. Reference Feldman, R. (2014). Development Across the Life Span. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc

Human Development

Qualitative changes Refer to a progressive series of change leading to improvement like those changes in kind that distinguish an infant who have underdeveloped motor skill from a baby ho can walk already. Quantitative changes Refer to the measurable changes in an individual like changes in height, body proportion, and the like. Quantitative changes referred to as growth though growth may be used interchangeably with development. Two factors of development: Nature: Is responsible for cognitive aspects such as mental capacities, innate traits and other materials that contribute to development as passed upon generations through heredity.

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Nurture: Is associated with environment that provides the stimuli for nourishment and proper development of certain organism. II. Heredity Is a process whereby traits of parents are handed down to their offspring via the genes Environment Refers to all the forces that affect man, like physical forces, natural forces, and social forces. This also includes the internal environment while the organism is still within the womb Ill. Role of Maturation and Learning in Development Maturation is the gradual unfolding of hereditary traits and potentials.

It is the process which the individual has to pass through before he reaches the state of maturity. Maturity marks the end of growth and development. Polytechnic functions re common to the race like sitting and walking , and development occurs through maturation Ontogenesis functions treating III. Before the human being is to be conceived, an egg cell or ovum from the mother must be fertilized by the sperm cell from the father. A brand new life begins with the fertilization of the egg cell.

Both the mother and the father contribute an equal amount of heredity to the new individual. One half of the necessary number of chromosomes comes from the mother and the other half from the father Chromosomes.