Human Growth and Development (Sigmund Freud)

This paper will include my very own personal human growth and development, from infancy to birth, in the eyes of Sigmund Freud. Freud produced many developmental theories; however, he Is very well known for the stages of psychosocial development because of the very negative critiquing it received. Freud believed that the oral, anal, phallic, latent and genital stages of development derived from a child’s sexual desires.

Oral Stage On December 26, 1987, along with a twin sister, I was born to a single mother who as on child number three at age twenty-four. I was not breastfed as an Infant but. According to my mother, had no problems at all with the transition from the bottle too cup and table food. Anal Stages While I was In my potty training stages I had no problems with the restrictions of not using the bathroom as I usually did. Since I did complete this successfully Freud would say that I learned and important colonization skill.

Phallic Stage. Even though I mastered the first two stages successfully my mom did share with me that she had a rough time getting me to understand that it was not socially acceptable to walk round unclothed but I did understand the difference between genders. I am unsure if it was because I did not have a father and did not develop the Electra Complex or because it was Just me; because according to Freud that is the conflict of the Phallic stage. Latent Stage.

While in this stage of my life I do not remember any sexual desires until I was about eleven years old; however I do remember the eagerness to learn while at school, home, and church. I was an honor roll student and was in the newspaper for numerous reason, with academic success being the main reason. Genital Stage. I am currently in the adult stage as of right now and I did and still do get much satisfaction from both giving and receiving pleasure. In my opinion, I think that my development was based on the environment that I was in.

My development could have been affected by the fact that my father was not in my life and the memories that I have of him is hitting my mother. I agree with Freud at certain levels but disagree in others. For example, when someone has not mastered the oral stage he states that they would have an oral receptive personality; where hey would pre-occupied with smoking, biting nails and eating. I most definitely have all of the qualities of someone who fits the oral receptive personality but I mastered the oral stage.

I disagree with Freud aspect on the sexual desires of a child. While Inspecting my own personal development I don’t remember having any sexual desire at all. All because a child has discovered their genitals or even touches them does not mean that they are having sexual desire; it just means that they have discovered feet, and also their ears. In my future development I see myself as an well mobile elder person with an well-established career as an Registered Nurse, married with children, and actively participating in society.