Human Growth Development Essay

Williams How using Marijuana during pregnancy will effect the unborn child I believe that if you’re pregnant and you want to have a healthy baby, then it’s very important to avoid using drugs during your pregnancy. Illegal drugs such as Marijuana is a very harmful drug that will effect fetal development. These drugs can have permanent effects on an unborn child. Studies indicate that about 4% of women in the USA use illegal drugs while pregnant. 75% percent of these cases report the use of marijuana.

The public is not aware of the potential neurologically effects of Marijuana on the fetus or a newborn Infant. Marijuana, is a psychoactive drug with multiple effects Including euphoria, mood changes and hallucinations. This drug mainly focuses on the brain and body tissues. Recent studies have proven an Increased risk of motor, social, and cognitive disturbances In children who were exposed to marijuana parentally. The effects from being exposed to this drug for children are very high, they can be effected mentally, physically, and even socially.

These are things they will need on an everyday basis. As for the effects on the mothers, the risk is very low. Of course there is the usual health problems that can occur to someone from using this drug. Marijuana mainly effects the human brain and your mental health. The short-term effects are memory loss, Inability to learn, difficulty in thought process. Including anxiety and paranoia. The long-term effects are increase of depression, increase in panic attacks, can be at risk for developing uncontrollable aggressiveness. As well as an Increased risk for schizophrenia.

The use of Marijuana can effect you Internally too. Marijuana can cause the unborn child to have heart problems and even problems in the lungs. Exposure to child can lead to abnormal functioning of the lungs due to tissue damage caused by marijuana smoke. The child is effected just like a person smoking marijuana on a daily basis. This I why I believe that Pregnant women should avoid using drugs. Proof shows how it can effect a baby, and what could happened to them. These effects are hopefully serious enough to make women think twice about using drugs while carrying their baby.