Human Resource Development: Employee Wages

What should Paul do to determine how Plaster compares with other area employers In terms of wages and benefits? When determining how Plaster compares with other area employers In terms of wages and benefits, Paul should first find out what his organization’s philosophies, strategies, and approaches are to the compensation system followed by an in depth analysis of where his organization is positioned in the labor market. Our text mentions three compensation quartile strategies in which employers can position themselves, first there is the minimum or the first quartile which is below market strategy.

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In the first quartile, you will find employers who are experiencing a shortage of funds and Just cannot afford to pay their employers more money. Generally, great deals of illegal immigrants are hired in organizations positioned at this level because of their desire to work in the United States. In the first quartile, employer positions pay scales so that 75% of other firms pay above and 25% pay below. The median or the second quartile Is considered the safe zone for employers.

Most employers choose to position themselves here because It balances he employer cost pressures and the need to attract and retain existing employers. Lastly, the maximum or third quartile leads the market. In the third quartile, employers are able to attract and retain sufficient workers who are fully qualified. Employers at this level are able to be more selective as to who they hire as well. Paul should find out which quartile his organization currently falls in and decide if that is where they should remain for the better good of the organization and the employees (Mathis & Jackson 2008).