Human Technological and Social Development

Technological and Social Development The movement of the Human race throughout the globe In the Paleolithic Era was not a quick process. The tens of thousands of years these migrations took were only possible due to the growth and expansion of the human brain. The vast amount of land traveled, tested humans in many ways such as climate changes, new predators, new geography etc. This caused them to adapt, in ways such as technological and social developments.

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Having hands and standing upright made many more opportunities and possibilities such as being able to use tools and make weapons (Paleolithic). Having weapons made humans travel much faster because they were no longer defenseless against predators and they could hunt much easier. The tools made of wood and bone that were probably first used have decomposed but stone tools have been found. They preferred to chip and sharpen flakes of stone. These chips could be made into knife blades and arrows (Paleolithic).

On their Journey, a huge problem they had to face was the climate change. But being humans, they adapted. They used tools to skin animals for clothing. They also used their tools to make shelters. But probably the biggest discovery of this time which changed life was fire. Fire served many purposes, and made many things much easier. Fire was domesticated as humans developed techniques to preserve glowing embers and to start fires by rubbing sticks and other materials together. It created heat which could keep them warm also it could cook animals.

This Is very big because the food being cooked could be preserved longer than raw meat, and that In turn helped humans to not have to fight starvation everyday which made traveling more possible (Paleolithic). Fire also made light and humans may have used torches which could help their travels during the night and also hunting at night. Humans social developments were largely important in the movement throughout the globe. Over these thousands of years the humans brain began to develop and grow. A more developed brain allowed for better thinking.

Instead of Just grunting, people were able to make a language to communicate. Language made cooperation much easier within their colonies as well as other colonies (Paleolithic). Humans could express feelings, thoughts, and knowledge with others. Being able to communicate made tasks much easier and more things were done quicker. This social development made learning and developing much quicker and was responsible for the rapid movement in the late Paleolithic Era. Movement throughout the globe in the late Paleolithic Era.

The technology and the social aspect of the humans advanced tremendously. They also faced many challenges throughout their Journey such as climate, predators, hunger and new geography. Through these challenges they became smarter and developed greatly. Building tools, shelter, clothing, fire etc. They were able to create language opening up endless possibilities. By the ending of the Paleolithic Era these advantages had made Homo sapiens a species capable of ruling the Earth. Works Cited history-world. August 2013 .