Impact Of Training And Development

Hence, top management realized the importance of investing in training and development for the sake of improving employee performance. This conceptual paper aimed at studying the effect of training on employee performance and to provide suggestion as to how firm can improve its employee performance through effective training programs. The research approach adopted for the study conforms to qualitative research, as it reviews the literature and multiple case studies on the importance of training in enhancing the performance of the workforce.

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Further the paper goes on to analyses and understand the theoretical framework and models related to employee development through training and development programs, and its effect on employee performance and on the basis of the review of the current evidence of such a relationship, offers suggestions for the top management in form of a checklist, appropriate for all genuineness, to assess the employee performance and to find out the true cause(s) of the performance problem so the problem could be solved in time through desired training program.

The study in hand faces the limitations as there are no adequate indications to correlate directly the relationship between training and employee performance. Hence, there is a need for conducting an empirical research in future to test the proposition discussed in the study. The study in hand provides brief overview of the literature about training effectiveness and how it contributes in enhancing the employee performance and ultimately concludes along with recommendation to give directions for future research by applying different level of analysis on exploring the impact of training practices on employee performance.

A training program is an effort by the employer to provide opportunities for the employees to acquire Job interrelated skills, attitudes and information. In order to meet the ever-growing needs of education the sector has to become dynamic and updated in modern scenario and also to take up this sector to the heights of international excellence requires best combination of new technology and skillful and talented manpower In this research paper an attempt is made to learn that training and development exist