In which town should the store be located?

There are a lot of advantages for a business, this pie chart (shown below) is showing the results I gathered from asking strangers if they thought Crawley needed more shops, as you can see the majority says yes Crawley does need more shops. The results I gathered mostly supports my view that there is a ‘gap in the market’ for a new store in Crawley, from this pie chart even suggests that Crawley need more shops, its citizens think so…the conclusion I can make with these results is that Crawley needs more shops, but it depends on what the demands are of the citizens and then after getting that data you can choose what type of store will be best in that town, the type of store that you can make a lot of money from.

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This is a map of bus routes and railway in Crawley, the bus routes are quite impressive as they go everywhere in Crawley taking pedestrians where they want to go in Crawley.

The transport links are quite impressive, there are bus stops around that you could use if you are in a rush to get somewhere in Crawley, the railway system is quite good because there are 3 stations and they are quite close to the town area, you could easily get your goods for your store if you need to go to Brighton or somewhere outside of Crawley and the Gatwick airport is close by so you can import and export goods to your store. There are 99,744 people living in Crawley. There are 48,920 males and 50,824 females.

There are about 6761 babies being born every year (mostly females), the other age range it’s mostly females that are living till their 90 and/or over. About 300,000 live in a range of 20 miles, 99,744 people live IN Crawley and 300,000 live OUT of Crawley, this is good for a business because as people come to shop in Crawley from Redhill or Brighton or any other places the businesses/firms get more customers so they sell more and make a huge amount of profit from the customers. The type(s) of people that live in the area are wealthy and prepared to buy anything for their children, (because their children keep nagging them to do so).

The average house prices in Crawley is about i?? 205,072 in 2006 but in 2007 there has been a 10% increase in the house prices, for semi detached houses the price is i?? 204,133 but for detached houses the price is i?? 328,139, these prices has increased because Crawley is a wealthy area and the people that are able to afford these house(s) should be able to settle in nicely.

Crawley is a good town for Donald Powell is an advantage for a business like his because the customers for a business would be able to afford most of the stuff that is in stores because Crawley is a wealthy town and the profits for Donald Powell’s shop would go up.