Individual development Perks of Being a Wallflower

Explore the influence friendship and family has on the development of an individual making detailed reference to at least one text you have studied. Friends and family both have a huge influence on the development of an individual. They Influence the way you think, the values they have and the way you see yourself through the eyes of the world. They teach you and help you grow. The text that I will be making particular reference to is the movie The Perks of being a Wallflower. The protagonist in this story, Charlie, grows and develops dramatically wrought the movie due to the influence of the new friends he makes.

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They help him gain confidence and to accept himself and also to have the courage to participate In life. Charlie is quite a unique character: he’s shy and awkward, watching life from the sidelines too scared to participate in the world around him. Reluctant to put himself in the spotlight or even raise his hand to answer questions in class. As far as individuals go, Charlie has a lot of developing to do in this movie. He begins his freshman year alienated and alone due to the suicide of his best friend Michael In the previous autumn.

However, his quiet withdrawn life is turned upside down by the influence of the new friends he makes during his freshman year, starting with his English teacher Mr.. Anderson who is the one and only friend he makes on his first day of school, which he see’s to be quite a depressing thought stated in the dialogue, Mr… Anderson: You know, I heard you had a tough time last year. But they say if you make one friend on your first day you’re doing okay. Charlie: Thank you, sir, but If my English teacher Is the only friend I make today, that would be sorts depressing.

Mr.. Anderson has a big influence on Charlie. He acts as the classic inspirational mentor figure who shows sympathy and encourages Charlie to pursue the path towards becoming a writer Just as his Aunt Helen did (another very influential character on Charlie) clear In the statement, Mr… Anderson: I think you could write one of them [book] one day. Mr… Anderson influences Charlie’s intellectual development by giving him extra novels to study and by encouraging him to do more writing and it is clear that Charlie looks up to Mr…

Anderson in Charlie’s statement, Charlie: I am also studying extra books outside of class. As it turns out, Mr… Anderson is a writer. He even had a play put up there after this year. I know this is selfish, but I really hope he doesn’t. Also he is someone that Charlie goes to for help and advice who helps give him insight into the minds of the people around him. Charlie: Mr… Anderson? Can I ask you something? Bill: Yeah. Charlie: Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date? Bill: Are we talking about anyone specific?

Bill: Well, we accept the love we think we deserve. Charlie: Can we make them know that they deserve more? Bill: We can try. Mr.. Anderson is a big influence on Charlie as an individual throughout the movie, he’s money Charlie looks up to and aspires to be. He is a teacher and mentor who helps guide Charlie through his development as he grows towards being an adult. Luckily for Charlie, he meets Sam and Patrick so Mr.. Anderson isn’t the only friend he has throughout his freshman year. This dynamic duo introduces him too whole world of new experiences.

From taking him to his first party and introducing him to illegal drugs, to showing him the importance of participation in the world around him. Sam and Patrick are both outgoing free spirited seniors who love to live life in the spotlight. They play a huge role in Charlie’s individual development throughout the movie. They help him grow and come out of his shell. Without them he may have remained the same shy, reclusive bashful freshman he was at the beginning of the movie. They help show Charlie that life is meant to be lived, not watched.

However, they also validate Charlie as a person, they acknowledge who and what he is and accept him for it and still decide to take the shy strange freshman under their wings to befriend and nurture him. This is clear from the dialogue, Patrick: Hey, everyone! Every body! Everyone, raise your glasses to Charlie. Charlie: What did I do? Patrick: You didn’t do anything. We Just want to toast to our new friend. You see things and you understand. You’re a wallflower. Patrick: What is it? What’s wrong? Charlie: I didn’t think anyone noticed me. Patrick: Well we didn’t think there was anyone cool left to meet!

So come on everyone. To Charlie! Sam is outgoing, exuberant and fearless, while Patrick is dramatic, manic and charming who sure livens up Charlie’s shop class. They are the complete opposites of Charlie and provide the perfect counterpoint to Charlie’s introverted and observant personality. Sam who Charlie obviously takes a particular shine to from the beginning of the movie. Especially evident, in case you didn’t already notice, in his conversation with his brother Chris stating, Chris: Well, you know, Mom did say that you have good friends now.

And maybe if it does get bad again, you can Just talk to them. Yeah? Charlie: Yeah. Especially Sam. She’s great. Sam influences Charlie in many ways, one of which is musically. This is referenced throughout the movie, how she influences his musical taste by introducing him to new kinds of music as well as validating music he already likes. Charlie: I think The Smiths are my favorite. Sam: Are you kidding? I love The Smiths! Best break up band ever. What’s your favorite song? Charlie: “Asleep”.

Also the quote, Charlie: For example, I am trying to participate by listening to Cam’s collection of rock ballads and thinking about love. Sam says they are kitschy and brilliant. I completely agree. This is a movie of self-discovery, a slightly atypical tale of teenage growth and development. And although Charlie does relapse at the end of the movie and have to be taken back into hospital, I believe it is more of a break through than a breakdown. Like in Catcher and the Rye, I optimistically like to believe that the narrator is writing from a healthier state of mind.

And for Charlie I like to believe it is because of the characters he talks about in his letters to a Dear Friend, which the movie is based around. These characters and many more had a huge influence on Charlie’s development as an individual throughout the movie The Perks of being a Wallflower. Proving thus that there is a huge range of different types of influence that friendships can have on individuals. Whether positive or negative, individuals are always influenced by the people they choose surround themselves with.