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Also I am getting known for the dally operation, from the everyday startup like refilling the Ice room the refrigerator to the bar, preparation for the lunch to the preparation for the Happy Hour. Sometime I need to prepare for the special events, for example I had to do the skirting for the pool table. It is a improvement for me . Some of the guests even come back again for Just a word of thanks given that they need to rush to the airport to catch up the flight . Then, I am trying the enhance the up selling skill.

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For example, Instead of Slash, I would recommend the guest to try the beer of the mouth-Wrestling . Also, I would commend the guests to try the white wine MOM because this is the most expensive white wine in the list. Although I learnt new skills and got improvement, I recognized I had come across some challenges. First of all, since this Is the first time I work in the bar. I am shy and lack of confident to communicate with the guests. Given that most of the guests are pilots and crew members. Also, I treat the guests over politely, I tried to act Like my previous part time job-Disney.

But It seems I did not performing the suitableness of what a sport bar should have. To solve that problem, I tried to observe how my colleagues interact with the guests. Then I changed the tone and the style of talking, I tried to treat them as my friends. By talking to them in a friendly way and remembering the name and the dishes they usually ordered, I gain the appreciation from the guests. Eventually I received $100 for my tips for the appreciation for my smile and effort. Secondly, I would get worry about the balancing and speeding problems there are special events held in the bar.

Such as the 1st Quiz night, I was assigned to take are of the table for the outdoor area. Crowds of people participated for the quiz game because there was promotion for the beer, wine and snacks. Letterhead drinks slowly because I afraid I would lose the balance of the tray with only two bottles of beers on the tray when I open the door. In order to solve this problem, I practice and practice by Increasing the number of glasses that putting on the tray. Also, by correcting how the figures support the tray, I can take five bottles of beers and two glasses of wine to the outside area.

Thirdly,’ always squatting down to deliver the drinks on the table or bending my waist to take the order. Then I had some physical problems such as my knees and back started to feel painful. I realize that I am not using the right position to get up when I am taking the heavy glassware. Then, one of the flight attendant Vivian taught me that the right method to curl down As Event start my internship at the bar, I was worry about the adaptation of the Job in the bar. But when I started to work here, I realize that most of my colleagues come from Philippine.

They are very helpful and more willing to help and teach when I came across any difficulties. They taught me how to enjoy while you are working. They are passionate to everyday challenge. Besides the actual technique of how to operate a bar, I structuralizes how to adopt a new attitude and life style. Also it is a great opportunity for me to work in this bar. I can broaden my horizon by meeting guests from different parts of the world. I can learn from different culture. It is a enjoyable atmosphere to work at the bar because guests are more willing to share tit you.

Also, most of them are not in a hurry and come to the bar for relaxation proposes. Though the experience gained from internship, I learnt a lot about different culture and information about beers and their ingredient such as the talk given by the Scrabbles and the training between co-workers. Although the working environment is harsh, I start to grow up a interest working at the bar. L am passionate about full of hope about being a bartender. It is time for me to rethink about the future career path.