Industry synergised

Retail, Finance, Banking, Construction etc, so that the student can learn the course practically for 5 days and in time salary and not a stipend for this Job. The salary will depend on the student’s caliber and the prevailing market situation. The MBA degree will be awarded by Breathier University, which was founded in the year 1982. Breathier University is a government of Tamil Undue owned University and is recognized by the ICC/ CITE/ Gobo of India. On the strength of this degree students can apply for employments in the Private sector, Public Sector and Overseas also.

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The student on successful completion of study and work is at liberty to continue in the same Job or change to a better Job. The student can avail the assistance of the GEMS B SCHOOL placement cells located all over India for his / her further placements in India and abroad. Hostel stay is optional. Bank loan can be availed by the student from the bank where the student’s parents re banking.

After the student’s admission the college will provide the student with the necessary documents to be produced to the bank for the processing of education loan. This is a full time international graduate & post-graduate degree and not a diploma or executive MBA. To Join this course, the student has to come to our campus, Obtain an application & Go through a personal interview. After the successful completion of the interview, fill up of the application form, submit photocopies of all the required documents, pay the first installment fees and get the admission.

This is a Globally recognized, no- nonsense, hardcore, frills-free learning programmer conceived with the only intention of conditioning youngsters for a rewarding career and a meaningful life. Special inputs will be provided in personality development, English communication skills, relationship management, Team building, decision making, leadership etc. Special inputs will also be provided in fundamental computing skills. One foreign language will also be taught as part of the curriculum. Each student will get a LAPTOP and a suit. The student will also be taken on a 2 day outbound workshop and and several industrial visits.

Students will have to pay a nominal examination fee once every three months. MBA Specializations Marketing Management Financial Management Human Resource Management International Business Management Information Systems Management Retail Management Investment Management Travel and Tourism Entrepreneurship Management Export Management Services Management Salient benefits Wi-If Campus Faculty from industry Digital Library with Unlimited Access Team Building Free laptops Most economical Outbound Workshops Creativity Industrial visits Highly flexible Seminars Entrepreneurship Classes during Weekends

Student friendly experimental learning Personality enrichment Aptitude test skills Industry Relevant Curriculum Excellent Environment Value Addition 3 day compulsory Outbound Workshop Regular discussion forums with senior executives from the Industry to enhance better corporate adaptability. People skills like Communication, Leadership, Relationship management, team building, Entrepreneurship, working in virtual teams, etc. Interview skills, GO skills, Tell / Video conference skills, etc. One optional foreign language. Training in flash for effective presentations. Fee Structure RSI. For the whole course payable in 10 installments.