Internet marketing

The restaurant features American leisure and decoration, customers can enjoy the relaxed “American” like weekend in the restaurant atmosphere. The restaurant have high visibility since the brand is highly known.TGI Friday’s also have a wide range of meals which give the costumer a huge choice of meals and cocktails since TGI Friday’s staff consict of trained people. In addition to all that our TGI Friday’s restaurant are perfectly situated in strategic location.

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2. Weaknesses The branch is currently limited because of TGI’s lack of advertising, unlike other restaurants with TV ads and flyers to help raise awareness and let the public know what the restaurant has to offer. There are only few TGI restaurant in morocco compared with other competitors in the same industry, in addition to that the restaurant does not have any type of delivery or drive-thru services, we are one of the few full-service restaurants that are able to implement these services and therefore, we are losing revenue to fast food restaurants that do offer these services.

3. Opportunities We are one of the few full-service restaurants that has the resources and capabilities to provide a drive-thru service and one of the few that would also gain profit from a delivery service. With the advance in technology now, Friday’s also should use the Internet marketing techniques, advertising through the Internet, taking advantage of the behavioral advertising side of it.

4. Threats In recent years, the global financial crises, resulted in an economic downturn in morocco’s environment, so the consumer behavior changed. making a number of high-priced restaurants loose money such as TGI Friday’s. in additon to fast food restaurant that offer a cheaper and quicker service.


Friends and Teenagers party: TGI Friday’s, provides a very fun and comfortable place to go for dinner between friends, ages 18 to 35 years in the majority. Family Dinner segment over 30 years, the restaurant offers more than one occasion to get familly members together (eg: Mother’s Day, father’s day) to attract consumers Birthday PARTY: birthday partys for the age between 18 and 35 years, in an atmosphere full of joy.

Sports nights: for every active person out there, TGI Friday’s offers a night out to watch games with friends, a big flat screen, drinks and meals at a glance, every sports fan’s dream. 4.2. positioning and perpetual mapping TGI Friday’s, a restaurant with an american interior design where customers can get a fun dinner in a Amrican like atmosphere, the quality services of a very warm staff. Product perceptual map Quality VS price High quality Low price High price Low quality 5. MARKETING STRATEGY


Product TGI Friday’s offers a variety of delicious and healthy meals and dishes, with the joyful “American” dining atmosphere, a clean dining environment, professional and attentive service, in addition that the restaurant will be decorated differently in order to create a festive atmosphere of the dining environment, such as: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, new year’s eve.

Price TGI Friday’s is a high-priced restaurant ranging between 200-1000dhs or above, but we will introduce promotional meals for customers to be satisfied, also some price discounts with the coming of festivals or new seasons, We feel that these prices will be extremely competitive with those offered by other local restaurants. So that we attract customers, and enhance the probability of the customer visiting our site.

Place TGI Friday’s people and fans know where to go to when they want to get the American dinning satisfaction, they will simply go to TGI Friday’s restaurant downtown or near the shore where most people go to take a walk or meet each others. A strategic location is what makes demand go up.

Promotion The promotional ideas that we consider using include TV advertising and Internet marketing as well as magazines and yellow pages advertising, we are also planning on advertising on highways and airports billboards. In addition to the social networking site such as Facebook ( be a fan and enjoy “25% off-menu” coupons) for example, and through these ways of publicity we will raise awareness for the restaurant therefore creating demand;


Through the latter marketing plan we now know much about the company, the marketing strategies we are going to be using in order to attract customers, and the tools we are going to be advantage of to increase the demand, as well as some aspect of the market than can affect the restaurant’s profitability.