Interpersonal Communication Report for DMG Corporation

It will clearly explain the four specific criteria related to communication aspect. It’s also provide full detail information on those criteria include the definition, examples and ideas that could helps DMS to overcome their problem of lack in interpersonal communication. This report will also establish a variety of recommendations for DMS to observe and take into action if decision will be made. Introduction Interpersonal Communication is one of the most crucial characteristics of every human being.

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Interpersonal communication helps and improves the way human being interact with each other, it’s a ability of every human being had for the purpose of convert ideas, opinions, needs ,wants and feeling into written words. Interpersonal Communication is a process between sender and receiver, it reflects the way information or messages have been transfer between the sender and receiver. Conflicts and misunderstandings could be easily arising if there are incorrect or in appropriate approaches have been used during the interpersonal communication process.

According to the case of DMS Corporation, conflicts and misunderstandings have been spotted in an organization, mainly for the reason of low and ineffective performance of communication between the staff members and the managers. Therefore, this report has established a number of criteria that could be use to improve the performance of interpersonal communication of DMS Corporation. The areas that will be focusing on are the Communicating Effectively, Active Listening and Effective Responding, Giving and Receiving feedback, and Self awareness at work.

These aspects will be address and analyze clearly to identify the most appropriate solution to solve the problem of lack in interpersonal communication of DMS Corporation. Recommendations and learning points will also be provided for the considerations of implementing effective advices and guidance to the staff members and managers within the organization. Communicating Effectively Communicating effectively could be the most important factor of every workplace existed. Communication is the process of transferring information and message among others within an organization.

Communication helps people to express their idea and feeling to others around them. To be able to create an effective communication zone within the organization, there’s always a need of a leader or a manager to controls and modifies the process of communication within the organization. Within an organization, communication can be a very crucial aspect, if here is a lack in any type of communication, employees could easily get confuse and often lose their focus and motivation to work.

More importantly, trust can be a very important factor that leads to a more trust of staff members, manager and the organization must try to be honest when communicating with staff members (Workplace that work 2013). Trust can be use to increases the level of confidence in both manager and staff members, both parties will feel more comfortable to express their feeling, thoughts and ideas toward each other, that create a positive bond between both parties.

Opposite to that, if there a owe level of trust between the two parties, the amount of information shares between the staff members and manager will be decrease due to the lack of trust and an increase in suspicion. There are set of rules related to effective communication within an organization should be establish to ensure all staff members and managers are engaging the appropriate methods of communication. Rules such as using email for reporting and sending relevant documents ensure all team members to be aware with their phone on the certain hours are those basic rules that can commonly found in most of the organizations (ASCII 2000).

Another important factor to increase the level of effective communication is the contribution of effort, every staff members and managers within the organization should fairly contribute efforts into communication purposes. For instance; managers have responsibility to provide guidance and coaching on how communication could be improve, in the other hand, staff members should carefully select the and provide accurate and timely information (ASCII 2000). Active Listening and Effective Responding Another important aspect related to interpersonal communication is the active listening and effective responding.

Listening and responding are possibly the two most important skills every human being needs to have in order to communicate with each other. Usually in a ordinary conversation, people are seem to talk more than listening, because of the distraction of other things inside their mind or the surround activities (Workplace that work 2013). It keeps them away from paying attention to the others are talking, and that could cause major problems such as misunderstand the information, forget the important message, or accidentally offense others.

Those major problems can cause conflicts within the organization. In all organizational aspects, effective listening is very critical (Borrower 1990). Managers and staff members must try to get recognized as good listener to their customers; therefore they could be able to identify clearly the requirement and expectation of the customers, for the purpose of satisfy customer’s need and want. Within the organization, active listening could help both managers and staff member to improve and develop their listening skill. Managers need to be active listeners to improve their communication effectiveness by verifying understanding, clarifying communication, and encouraging more effective communication” (Nipped 1994). The most important and the first skill required for active listening is to pay attention and focus on the person that speaking (Interpersonal communication 2013). There are four specific techniques applying for active listener (Nipped 1994), these are paraphrasing the message, which means using your own word to understand the others speaking.

The second one is to summaries the important points that the speaker has mentioned, so you can clearly understand that feeling, try to see or understand the emotional and expression behind the words of the speaker; this is also defined as perception checking (Interpersonal immunization 2013). And the last one is demand extra information from the speaker, it will let the speaker know that the listener are paying attention to them, and it the same time the listener want to ensure that they are completely understand what the speaker are saying.

Effective responding is also play an important part in process of communication. After Just received an information or message from someone, it considers as crucial from responder to take a pause and rephrase what the speaker has been said ( Helpful listening 2013), that way it will helps the responder to select an appropriate response to the speaker. Giving and Receiving feedback Feedback is also a very essential criterion of communication. Feedback assists staff members to understand more about their managers.

By receiving any feedback from managers, staff members could be able to improve their work performance and also correct any mistakes that they have made. Feedback is considered as a constructive message to staff members, it shows that the managers are actually caring for their staff members; by spent their time to construct a feedback for the staff members (Giving and Receiving 2013). By provide an effective feedback to the staff members, anger can easy increase the level of positive relationship with their staff members, staff members will be more sophisticated at what they doing because of the exceptional feedback from their managers.

One critical point that managers need to be aware is the effort that they contribute in the feedback message; they must ensure an appropriate approach have been chosen carefully before insert it in the feedback, otherwise conflicts or misconceptions could be arise. Self- awareness at work Self- awareness is reflecting on the behavior and action of your own self. It will help o to indemnity the correct action and behavior you could use depend on the situations.

As a manager, a person needs to know how to control and constantly change their behavior to meet the expectation of the situation. Managers need to know how to differentiate their characteristics in term of controlling and guiding their staff members. If the managers don’t know how to evaluate the appropriate behavior of their own before interact with the staff members, staff members will find it difficult to accept any instructions or messages from the managers, and that will lead to a unnecessary internal dispute within the organization.

On the other hand, staff members are also need to settle their self-awareness; they are also need to consider the appropriate approach before interact with their managers, they must keep in mind the position structure in the organization, which mean managers are on the higher rank and the one that in control of most aspects of the organization, their main role is to produce an effective management, therefore staff members should consider to show the respect for their managers.

Overall, it reflects on how individual member of the organization could carefully settle their own self- awareness for any specific situation during the work process. Conclusion behind their desk (Argentina 1998). Managers need to be able to obtain more interaction to their staff members; problems or conflicts could be easy to solve using face to face interaction method of communication. Which means manager need to spend more times to communicate with their staff members, that way managers can keep track on the performance of the staffs as well as the performance of the organization.

There are no excuses about communication methods that mangers could use to communicate effectively with their staff members. With all the advance technology that have been established, managers could use methods such as electronic mail, mobile phone, live chatting, but the most effective method is face to face with the staff members, that way managers can be able to present a clear and detail information, and also express their true emotions and thoughts toward the staffs.

At the same time, staff members could be able to understanding more effectively about the information that they have been received. It’s understandable that technology have contributes beneficial to the way communication operates, but the human interaction is always the easiest and the most effective way for human to communicate with each other (Argentina 1998). Recommendation Based on the research and information in this report, DMS Corporation should be able to understand more deeply about the interpersonal communication matter.