Investigation into customer service at Sainsburys

Sainsburys base their whole store on customer service this is because they value their customers the most. They train all their staff from the cleaners to the supervisors in great customer service. They are trained in four modules, ands this covers everything they will need to know regarding customer service. This is aimed to make everything enjoyable and inspiring, this is because if they are enjoying their work they will be more motivated and be able to work better and overall be a better person.

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This is excellent customer service because it means that they are been trained in handling good and bad customers and this means that they will be able to deal with the problem straight away. Sainsburys have spent thousands of pounds on trying to make their stores the best in the country. To do this they have introduced new training schemes such as the four modules, and this would have meant that research and development has to be intense so that they can get the best out of the employees, with the new training courses.

The customers who go to Sainsburys expect excellent customer service all the time this is because over the years Sainsburys have been known as such a good store and are renown for giving good customer service. This is why customers expect more from Sainsburys then any other supermarket store. The employees at Sainsburys give refunds to their customers all the time this is because the customers expect it. They will give refunds through a variety of things such as: 1. If an item is damaged in the car park 2. If the are unhappy with the product they have purchased.

The cork is still in the wine when the start drinking it. They do this because this is what is expected from them, if this were not done then the customers would carry on complaining until something was done about it. This could be improved if they just offered a refund service for items that have been broke such as pots and pans and only give a refund on food if they where out of date or their where something else up with them. This will save Sainsburys a lot of money in the long run and it could be invested in things such as research and development into customer service, which would benefit the business.

Sainsburys believe that all of the customers should have the chance to be taken to the item they are looking for and this is what they aim for. The result of this quality customer service is that sometimes the employees received letters of thanks from customers and get gifts from them. The customers have a massive element of trust in the employees because one example of this is that an elderly women comes in and is taken around the store by a customer service employee and then the employee is asked to draw money out of the women’s account and this is a massive responsibility what the employee has.

Strategies used by Sainsburys Sainsburys also offer a Nectar card and this is a card you’ll be able to earn points from four launch sponsors (Sainsbury’s, Barclaycard, Debenhams and BP) for, better rewards than ever before and this is just from your nectar card. When you pay at the till at Sainsbury’s, Debenhams or BP your Nectar card will be swiped and any points added to your account (When you pay by Barclaycard anywhere in the world your points will be added to your Nectar account each month (once you have registered your Nectar number with Barclaycard).

Shop with your Barclaycard at Sainsbury’s, Debenhams or BP and you’ll earn two lots of points. Once you’ve collected enough points for the rewards you want, whether it’s free meals, great days out, flights abroad, and cinema tickets. You can even use your points to save money at Argos. This is a picture of the Nectar card: Sainsburys did have a reward scheme which was a card what customers could use to get points and special offers a bit like the ABC card what Safeway offer.

They decided to get rid of this card because it is always looking to improve its offers towards its customers and even its potential customers. Customers that still have their reward vouchers can use them until expiry date runs out. Some of the old Sainsburys reward card partners are transferring to the Nectar card so that the customers get all the benefits of the Sainsburys reward card and more. This is excellent customer service because it means that the customers can earn points not just at Sainsburys but at other stores elsewhere.

Customers can also spend their points elsewhere in to different companies such as McDonalds and Odeon. It is important that Sainsburys did replace their customer loyalty card because it meant that they are still valuing their customers and making sure that their expectations are meet at a high standard and giving them all the service they will want. (See appendix 1) Sainsburys also have their own bank within the store and most of their other stores so this means that customers will be offered a financial service which will have offers on top of that within the store. Some facts about the Sainsburys bank are:

This is excellent customer because it is offering a cheaper price than other financial institutions, which means that they will have no overheads to deal with. The benefit this will have on Sainsburys is that more customers will become aware of the bank and will do their shopping there. Sainsburys make sure that any information what is passed on from their customers does not go any further then the bank because it is breaking the customers trust. (See appendix 2) Sainsburys train all of their employees in customer service this is because they want every customer to have and enjoyable, inspiring and easy experience.

Every employee has a delivering excellent customer programme to go through and once they have filled this in, they have the confidence to go on and give the customers the best customer service what they expect. With this training programme it means that every employee has the opportunity to excel in the field they are operating in and it also means that if their is a problem with the customer service a certain employee is offering they managers of the store will only have their self to blame because the training they have received has not been excellent.