Is it necessary to be highly competitive to be highly successful?

The human race today, is striving for success. We choose those paths which will bring success to us, not those which we want to choose. We bend our paths, break rules, create rules and at the end of it make sure that success is at our feet – by hook or by crook. I too want to be successful in life, enjoy the luxuries , the good life. But, success at the cost of our morals, our ethics isn’t the kind of success I would like to achieve. Competition is without a doubt important. If we don’t have competition in the society, people would become complacent thinking they are the best without actually knowing where they stand.

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Competition gives us a motive to go ahead. It gives us passion to become a winner and it keeps making us realize the need for self improvisation. Thus, they are both of great magnitude. But, the complexity comes in when we have to choose between the two. Competition is unavoidable in today’s world as everyone is endeavoring to make his mark in the society and all these people have their own way of doing that. Some adopt bribery, some adopt corruption and some simply adopt the scheme of pushing the competitors out of their way – any way possible.

But, there are also some people who adopt morality, integrity and an attitude where they don’t move ahead alone, they make sure they take everyone they know along with themselves. Today if we look at a successful man who has everything a human desires of, but, is tainted in his ways of being victorious, we will notice something that we fail to even think of in our entire lives and that is that even though that man might have all the possible money in the world, when his life comes to an end, he will not regret not having owned one more bungalow or one more car.

He will regret time not spent with his wife, children and friends. Thus, after looking at this example we must try and analyze what this man really achieved. Love? Friendship? Kinship? Peace? Nothing. Nothing at all. And all because he always concentrated on one thing – success without healthy competition. The definition of success is vague among the masses. Most of the People think of it as the attainment of money, power and luxury.

It is very few of them who really think that it is not the materialistic things which make one successful in life, it is the unworldly things like being a good, kind and helpful human which make one a triumphant human being. It is the unselfishness of a person, his willingness to make his family, his friends and his society to become as untainted and as unpolluted as possible making them successful too. Therefore, I would like to conclude by saying that success with healthy competition is the correct way of life because even though success makes “life” easier, it certainly does not make “living” easier.