IT Changes Work Environments

Changes Work Environment In the information System Technology has developed in various methods and forms, and through this class I was able to establish a better sense of various industries and learning from Moor’s law to current technological changes. In the past 10 weeks, my business mind has grown to an ever increasing understanding in different industries. A business’s ability to predict what the consumer wants is also another key factor in success.

Initially there was some debate as to how large of a recesses was needed to improve reliability and also increase the service life of the system, we, the working group decided that mezzo upgrade should be sufficient for the systems roles and responsibilities, I know a mezzo processor. Mr.. Moor’s law has and technological advances have really improved the corporate world. These advances have steam-lined international business as well as domestic. Communications have been made simpler with conference calls, emails and even online chat rooms.

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A company that may have a great IT concept may develop it and introduce it to a market but it will only be a short time before a competitor company ill be working on a similar concept. This has had a hand in the growth of Technology as well; it is those competitive natures that keep pushing new ideas and concepts. The main thing I took away from the stages of growth is that timing is everything. If you enter too soon it can be very costly because you are the first one to try it so you will make mistakes and to fix those mistakes can be very expensive.

Not only can it be very expensive but as you are pioneering new technology everyone else is sitting back learning from your mistakes and successes at a fraction of the price. They save money and you pay the price. However if you get in too late your technology becomes out dated and you lose consumers who want a company on the cutting edge of technology. I work for US Bank and we were one of the last major banks to upgrade our Tam’s with the image scan of the checks and money. We got so many complaints about why aren’t our Tam’s up to date.

We probably lost a lot of customers over it as well. Every business wants as much market share as possible because more market share means more profit, more control, and less competition. Time and experience have shown that standardization will bring more consumers to the market. No matter hat the business is, it needs a way to operate and communicate with other businesses and consumers. According to an article by The International Journal of Electronic Commerce, standardization in IT is critical in order for a business to make the most out of its time and resources.

This article goes on to explain how “proprietary’ and “open” standardization zone in on whether a business is more concerned with increasing its market share (proprietary) or more concerned with Keeping Its Telex snare (open) out at ten same time, Increasing ten sloe AT ten wangle market. Cloud computing was a major thing for me to learn and was able to understand it more after a while. Cloud computing is the ability to store and access data and programs over the internet. Everyone wants access to their data and have immediate access to their files anytime and anywhere.

Ata previous employer, our network was shared by all of our divisions in California as well as associated companies. Telecommuters were also able to share equally in the network. This network of computers made up the cloud. When the web browser was down, we had limited or no access to our files let alone the internet. I tried not to work from home, but sometimes I was able to access my Web e-mail. Web email as well as yahoo, hotmail, and g-mail are forms of cloud computing. Organizations can rent software instead of purchasing the product.

A business and their employees can run their computer tools online and process their work and file saving using their web browser. The benefit is the reduced cost for everyone involved. The downside of this concept is that the organization has to place trust in this software vendor. While reading various articles about AAAS, I realized the software that I currently use fall into this category. Sharpening is used to store and track electronic documents and images by different users. It is also password protected preventing access to people outside the organization.

We search for the news in a particular manner, we seek information in a faster method for today’s standards and the internet has changed our way of discovering the news. Most of the news today is delivered through various outlets and news medias that changed the way they see the world. In the past, the world depended on the news from newspapers or word of mouth, but primarily they would try to find information from the source. It time people found this inefficient and troublesome to their way of managing information as we see the future developed in a different manner.

Information now is provided in an instant with such APS as twitter or news cast feeds that can be shared by a simple text. It is a new world of technology that has inevitably changed the way we live and see the material world at an instant. As life has see a major change we see that the news and other hard books have changed. Now we get books from Kindles and other material such as being ‘pads provided the information as the facts that change how we get information that we can changed the world of people, and the information as seen as being drastic change.

It is important to see that you can view the aspiration of others. Learning and being part of something the can guide information towards the right direction you are able to see a good point and see that you can make it better. The data mining point of view comes from the aspect that certain changes in data are always developed. I see that certain changes in data come from different companies such as Amazon, Google, faceable, and other operating systems that use search as a primary source of work.

I see that certain changes of the group of people come from the different areas of hangers that can be ineffective in certain changes. In having read the article of Big Data we see that the new ways of collecting it comes from an easier method?the consumer. When we go online our best way to find things are to search and find the best way through various inputs such as realizing the inclination of things and seeing that certain materials can be found through various inputs, as we will see that Google Degas tans Improvement AT search engines Tanat Ignited ten Idea AT perseverant.

Now business see that been able to utilize the information to have business grow their illume in the production of things, but we will see that changes in the person can have a big understanding in the aspect of learning. In retrospect, the interesting parts of this course was able to recognize the different changes in the technology world and how IT is making efficient work but scarce labor. The way I see technology trending is how can we make our lives more convenient while saving time and money?

Convenience to most people is how we can be productive on our smart phones and laptops by utilizing the internet. Some examples include cloud computing, online banking and depositing checks with a picture, hopping online, working from home, communicating with friends and family through social media, taking classes online, sending emails, games, movies, TV shows, etc. Time is money, so many people are willing to pay a premium for hi-tech devices.

With Artificial Intelligence, people can rely on robots to get work done. Although robots are very expensive to buy, they can be cheaper than paying labor costs. I know technology and IT has allowed me to reduce cost for my fathers business, but has allowed me to keep the very best of employees in different companies and allowed e to see that technology has allowed me to reduce business but has also allowed me to become a better employer with effective, efficient, and show different aspect of my business.

It is interesting to see that my business has become more effective, and allowed me to show how different people work and share their business. I know that in the next couple of years business will continue to change and that each business will progress. References Scintillate, Valentine and Jean Dreads. “The Future is Here: What you need to know about Digital Convergence In Trainees Information System. ” 2006. Web. 25 July 2014.